Fukitor Issues #1, #2 and #3 (2010)
By: J.R. McNamara on May 17, 2013 | Comments
The Inky Depths

Fukitor Cover Art
Writer: Jason Karns
Art: Jason Karns
I'd like to start this review for the comic Fukitor by explaining why I am reviewing three issues at once: Fukitor is an independent comic produced at an ashcan size (remember those little free comics you'd get with Wizard in the 90s? Fukitor is that size... just small enough to sneak in your pocket to read on the dunny) and has only a few pages per issue, and even though I enjoy the comic, spending about 500 words on each issue might find me repeating myself more than usual!

Fukitor is the disturbed offspring of comic artist Jason Karns, and he is obviously one of us. The art in these comics is highly detailed and has a real EC/Eerie/Creepy vibe, and borrows heavily from Indy comics from the sixties to now. The stories, like a good gory movie, are fairly low on plot, but make up for it with copious amounts of blood, gore, tits and arse.

Issue 1, which has the cover blurb "Dungeons, Poseurs and Carnies" with artwork featuring a bunch of demons and zombies watching another demon empty the contents of his extraordinarily long penis onto the face of his victim, has five stories: Poseur Holocaust, Dungeon of Bloody Death, Carny Tramp, The Chesty Cannibals and Poseur Holocaust II.

Issue 2 has a picture of a bunch of zealots, while being observed by a weird zombie Bride of Frankenstein type, staking the spadger of a naked and insect covered hottie and features the blurb "Zombies, Sadists and Mutants". This issue has the tales Zombie Gorebath, The Horrors of Dr Sadist and Face Eaters.

Issue 3 has a mad scientist and a bunch of zombies look on while a nubile cutie gets her pussy eaten out by another member of the undead and has the blurb "Sick Fucks and Slashers". This issue features the stories The Tomb of the Sick Fucks and Suburban Slasher Massacre.

A I stated earlier, these comics are ashcan size, which for the uninitiated sit at a little smaller than an A5 and are printed like a Marvel or DC comic on pre-glossy acid free paper. Karn's art and stories sit right in line with this pulpy style of printing, and each issue is full of detail and is as colourful as a paint drinkers vomit.

Those who dig head comics from the 60s, Steve Carter's Phantastique and things like Commies From Mars: The Red Planet or releases from Glenn Danzig's Verotik stable of comics have got to get their perverted little mitts on this comic. It's a full tilt ride, filled with fun and gore! The only reason I can't give these three comics the full five stars is because I was left wanting more. I just wish each issue was a little bigger!

There is one problem you might have with these first three issues: Karns has stopped printing them as of about April 2013, and as I have no doubt these comics will only increase in popularity in the horror/ gore/indy comic set, I imagine the back issue prices will eventually soar. Hopefully, eventually Karns will bang together a nice collectors edition at some point in the near future.

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