Modern Gentlemen 3 (2010)
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Cover Art
Cover Art
Editor: D.A Jackson
Contributors: Andrew Gallacher, D.A. Jackson Pierre, Joe Coen, Captain Gorgonzola, Dexter Cockburn, Ill Rubber Ducky, Neu Arkley, Jean-Luc Syndikas
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Straight off the bat a huge bravo has to go to the members of Pleasant Productions; three issues of an Australian comic that isn't about either a) superheroes or b) Australian characters that cause one to be overcome by cultural cringe.

Sure there have be plenty of cool minis and ashcans from various artists like Ross Radiation (who is tragically absent from this issue), but who would have thought that a 'proper' printed (not photocopied) comic with not just adult content, but sick adult content, could still survive. Even the more mainstream but still wonderful Platinum Grit stopped printing (though I understand is still available as an online comic).

This issue, starts with an apology from Editor Dave for its tardiness (it should have been out in February 2010) but let me tell you: it was worth the wait!

In Modern Gentlemen 3 Donkey Punch Disco and Mango have a few new adventures, my favourite being Big Trouble in Little Vagina with an errant gash and Rick Moranis (is it irony that a Croenenberg-y story about a spontaneous v-jayjay would involve a guy whose surname in pronounced 'More Anus'?); a fresh adventure with Baby Pewy; a hilarious story about anti-baldness treatments; a great story about skull-fucking from new artist Dexter Cockburn, whose artwork I love (probably because it is so reminiscent of Robert Crumb, who along with Jack Kirby, is a comic hero of mine); there is a brilliant story that shows what guys think when being involved in a romantic situation, and yes, ladies, that is what guys think about... I could go on, but all the stories are great nauseating fun. Special mention must go to the hilarious Cabin Cheaters, which out-backdoors Brokeback Mountain!

The stories and artwork are provided by Dave Jackson, Andrew Gallacher (look out for his book Snakejaw, available soon), Captain Gorgonzola, Pierre, Joe Coen, Ill Rubber Ducky, Dexter Cockburn, Jean-Luc Syndikas (he's not French!!!) and Nev Arkley and are all hidden behind a cover by Taena Hoshi. But the sexiness doesn't stop there.

There are also some great pin-ups from Robin Bougie of Cinema Sewer fame, and if you have seen any of his art, you'll know the sort of sexy, cock-suckin', pussy-bangin', ass clappin stuff he does, which I am constantly impressed with. I love it!

It would seem that perhaps I am the official reviewer of Pleasant Productions Modern Gentlemen, seeing as how I am responsible for the review of both Issue 1 and Issue 2, but with this issue, I have to say I would prefer to be acknowledged as their official cheerleader. I wonder if they would provide me with a mascot costume? Come to think of it, I would probably prefer it if they didn't, as I imagine it would be a giant vagina-faced monkey with a massive faeces-stinking dildo stuck to the front of it.

With Modern Gentlemen 3 it feels like the creators have hit their groove, and I hope they maintain it. The first 2 issues were great, but just felt like they were subconsciously aspiring to be an Australian version of Zap Comics from the 60s. With this issue I believe they are on par with some of those classics. Well done, Pleasant Productions!
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