Preacher Volume 2: Until the End of the World
By: J.R. McNamara on June 22, 2009  |  Comments ()  |  Share 
Cover Art
Cover Art
Publisher: Vertigo
Writer: Garth Ennis
Art: Steve Dillon, Glenn Fabry
Yeeeeeeeee-haw!!! We are back in the saddle again, people, for another installment of Vertigo comics' ass-kicking Preacher series!

Vertigo, as you know, is DC comics 'adult' line, which doesn't just mean the characters can show their boobies or say 'Fuck!' a lot - it means that a more mature and deeper look into the relationships, lives and adventures of characters who like to show their boobies and say 'Fuck' a lot can be experienced by the reader. Like any comics company, Vertigo has its share of misses, but the Preacher is certainly a hit…. a great big fat hairy bleeding hit.

Preacher: Until the End of the World continues from where Preacher: Gone to Texas left off. Essentially, Preacher is a road trip story, but starring a preacher named Jesse Custer, who after being possessed by Genesis, the spawn of a coupling between an Angel and a Demon, has discovered he has the ability to tell people what to do… and they shall do it!! He is joined by his girlfriend Tulip, whom he abandoned several years earlier, and for part of the way through this volume, an Irish vampire named Cassidy.

This book collects the issues 8 to 17 of the regular run of the Preacher comic series, and covers two story lines… with a small lingering taste of what will come in the next volume.

The first story line, referred to as 'The Angelville saga' tells two tales. First it tells us of Jesse's upbringing in a family that has some extreme beliefs. Grandma is a wheelchair bound religious zealot who orders her children to commit horrible acts in the name of God; TC, who at best would be described as 'try-sexual' (that is, he'll try anything); and Jody, the family enforcer who can't get into Grandma's good graces no matter how many people he kills for her and the good Lord. Upon meeting the family we find out how Jesse's upbringing of cruelty caused him to initially run away, and then later become a preacher. The other part of this tale tells of Tulip's abandonment by Jesse, and what she had to do to recover from it. This tale also ends with a return of a character previously seen in the last volume, who is slowly catching up to Jesse.

The second storyline in this volume, known as 'Hunters' tells of a party to end all parties being held by Jesus De Sade, an animal sodomizing sexual nutbag who is hunting for some heroin that belongs to him and is being carried by a missing drug addict. When the addict disappears, De Sade employs Bob Glover and Freddy Allen: Sexual Investigators and rent boys who have a penchant for violent results to most issues. One thing leads to another and the next thing you know, Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy are caught up in a party of perversion previously unsurpassed. Also in this tale we are introduced to an organization known as The Grail that is keen to bring about Armageddon with the help of Jesse's power. A new villain, Herr Starr, is introduced in these stories, and believe me, as the series goes on, we see much more of him.

As usual, the combination of Garth Ennis' script and Steve Dillon's art is a grand one, a double hit of two fisted talents making this story a keeper. I must admit to liking this collection more than the first… but not by much. Each issue of the comic presented in this trade paperback is divided by Glenn Fabry's kickass covers as well.

This collection is foreworded by Kevin Smith, who discusses Ennis' and Dillons' collaboration, Catholicism and himself in an amusing essay about, amongst other things, being 'controversial'.

If misdirected male prostitutes, armadillo sodomisers, inbred killbillies, shotgun decapitations and John Wayne's ghost are your bag… you need this comic right now. Sure enough, if you haven't read the first volume you will feel like you came in halfway through a film, but who buys the second volume of a series of trade paperbacks first anyway? Highly recommended.
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