Cinemaphobia (2009)
By: James Gillett on July 21, 2010  |  Comments ()  |  Bookmark and Share
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Director: Glenn Triggs
Starring: Grayson Taylor, Jessica Miller, Nick Antoniades, Stephanie Lillis, Cameron Box, Amos Phillips, Stephanie Lively
Screenplay: Glenn Triggs
Country: Australia
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Cinemaphobia is an ultra low budget Aussie slasher with a great sense of humour. Made with very little money in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne (the cast and crew essentially worked for free), Cinemaphobia takes an enjoyable and unpretentious tone to an almost mockingly clever tale involving a group of youngsters stalked by a knife welding killer during a local cinema's all night horror movie marathon. With a couple of guys there to try to shoot a slasher film, and a few others just out for the good time, it all starts out pretty light and amusing, before soon developing into something a little darker...

Like many of the best horror comedies, Cinemaphobia manages to cleverly balance the two without tipping over completely into either camp. With the humour coming mostly from the dialogue (some of which is absolute gold!), along with some admittedly absurd kill gags, Cinemaphobia still manages to build tension, and otherwise present some fairly straight horror scenes and situations. It's a balance that works here, because while the characters are quite funny, they're also just regular Aussie's, making the comedy more enjoyable and the darker moments a little more weighty.

The Killer's costume, one of Cinemaphobia's more inspired ideas, is a ripper. If you can picture Scream's black cloaked killer, just imagine him with an oval shaped mirror where his Ghost-Face Mask would otherwise be, and you have a pretty good idea of what the guy looks like. The idea is, when he kills you, you see yourself die. Sounds kind of grim, and in some respects it is, especially once the Mirror Mask has collected some blood a couple'a kills on, only Cinemaphobia naturally exploits the ridiculous side too, and it's that balance between the macabre and the zany that the film hits so well.

The cast of unknowns do a pretty solid job and the whole thing's directed simply and effectively. Glen Trigs, who Wrote, Directed, Produced, Scored and Edited, (possibly out of budgetary necessity) managed all jobs commendably. In fact his score, which is reminiscent of something Carpenter might have given us back in his prime, is really pretty good. The more I think about it (with the odd clunky moment aside), the more impressive the film seems technically, considering its budgetary limitations.

Yes, Cinemaphobia is a good time at the movies. Horror comedies admittedly aren't always my thing, but this had me engaged and grinning throughout its entire running time. In short, if you're after some horror with a sense of fun, Cinemaphobia fills the bill nicely.
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