Salt, Saliva, Sperm and Sweat
By: Allan on March 11, 2002  |  Comments ()  |  Bookmark and Share
Director: Phillip Brophy
Screenplay: Phillip Brophy
Country: Australia
Year: 1987
The directorial debut of Aussie director Philip Brophy (Body Melt) is an interesting experience, not to mention strange.

The film revolves around the life of an unidentified young man who appears to be a writer of some sort, and shows his everyday routine up until the third day when he gets shot by a rather pushy fellow he'd met leaving his apartment. Every day is the same, with different main shots, and the director seems to have an obsession with bodily functions. The film is relatively short, weighing in at only 60 minutes long – but is never the less a very interesting debut for Brophy.

Its style is very strange, and this film seems to be almost unknown. It's also rather hard to decipher, although simple. Its main philosophy seems to be – "You eat, shit, die." Oh, and it has some rather kinky sexual fetishes going on through the movie, like homosexual voyeurism and domination. The main character also seems to have the hots for Jean Kittson – who should be well known by most fans of Australian comedy, and the main character himself looks a lot like the insane fan out of the Richard Kern short Stray Dogs. This one is actually fairly common in Ma'n'Pa video stores around Australia, and the cover art features a segmented and re-arranged picture of a male bodybuilder. If you can find this one, pick it up, it's rather interesting if you like short film. But I think my friend Justin summed it up as best…

"VERY VERY VERY ODD. It's nothing but 80 minutes of slurping sounds and odd camera angles… I wouldn't mind another look."

It's a pity that not much else other than Body Melt has come out of Brophy lately. He's a Melbourne based film-maker – I met him recently at the Melbourne Film Festival and he said that the only reason he isn't still making films is no-one is brave enough to give him money to make his films. Needless to say, Salt, Saliva, Sperm and Sweat is hardly your regular Australian movie.

Availability: As far as I know, this is a strictly Australian release, and has only been released once on VHS. There's almost no information on this film anywhere – I've looked, if anyone has anything interesting to add – please do.
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