Codex Atanicus (2007)
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Director: Carlos Atanes
Starring: Arantxa Peña, Manuel Solàs, Antonio Vladimir, Carlos Atanes
Screenplay: Carlos Atanes
Country: Spain
Running Time: 81 minutes
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Ummm… yeah. So here's Codex Atanicus, a bunch of Spanish short films by the same director, Carlos Atanes; hope you like 'em, cos I certainly didn't.

Metaminds and Metabodies (1995): I have literally no idea what the fuck happened in this film. Seriously, no idea. All I know is that it was very poorly, and cheaply, made. Oh, and that the director was most likely pretentious, and sees himself as some kind of Jodorowsky, or some other such tosspot. Although, I must say I was engaged by the dialogue: "Hey! Are you trying to eat my pituitary gland?"

Seriously, no idea.

Morfing (1996): A film about a film-maker, basically, but not a good one – film, or film-maker, for that matter. This is a load of bollocks, as far as I'm concerned. A stupid film with little, if any, point. To the best of my knowledge, a vanity reel for the director, if anything. A bunch of bullshit which can't even spell its own title accurately, and takes post-modern self-referentialism to an illogical extreme.

Welcome to Spain (1999): Straight to DVD releases annoy me, particularly ones shot on video; there's a certain lack of quality control they bespeak of, not to mention a certain lack of talent on the behalf of the director. And while you might think there's at least a modicum of potential for talent or skill here; you'd be wrong, There's little more here than a headache in digital form on offer with this motherfucker. I've seen Matthew Barney films that made more sense. 

My one question is this: Craig, why did you make me sit through these awful, awful films? Seriously, dude, what did I ever do to you that you should punish me thus? These films were so bad they actually physically hurt and left suppurating wounds. Seriously, I'd sooner pour flaming kerosene into my own eyes than sit through this garbage again. These films had absolutely no redeeming features about them whatsoever.

Codex Atanicus is available on DVD-R. The shorts are presented in 4:3 and look like shot on video rubbish, basically. No more, no less. Also included are English subtitles and trailers for Proxima, FAQ, and Los trabajos del director, all of which looked a fuck's sight more entertaining than what I just sat through.
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