Zombie Xtreme
By: J.R. McNamara on May 23, 2006  |  Comments ()  |  Bookmark and Share
Director: Julián Lara
Starring: Julián Lara, Calamator, Arlekín, Mary Pain
Screenplay: Julián Lara
Duration: 35 minutes Country: Spain
Year: 2004
There is nothing more wonderful than the tenacity of independent filmmakers. Julian Lara, the multi-tasking filmmaker behind Deadhunter: Sevillian Zombies is back…with another tale of your favourite Zombie hunting rogues. Again, Lara is actor, director, producer, special effects guys, and I wouldn't be surprised is he made someone a coffee at some point as well! This short runs for a little over a half an hour, and plays, and occasionally is edited, like a comic. It's a little Scary Movie, a little Romero, and occasionally a little Loony Toons, but one thing it is completely, is a fun and pretty well made short.

Zombie Xtreme takes place after the Deadhunters successful mission where they destroyed all of the zombies from Seville. Unfortunately, like The Ghostbusters, they were not respected for their work saving the town, and instead were all arrested for the negligent death of two of their kind, and so they were forced to disband. Zombie Xtreme starts with an ex-subway contractor, who after the zombie holocaust in the tunnels, captured some of the remaining zombies and created his extreme sports facility: Zombie Xtreme, where for $90 per hour, you can spend your time wandering through a building, killing zombies and having a wow of a time. How does he replenish the zombies you ask? Well, let's just say not everyone who gets in…comes out. One day, two of the Deadhunters, Julian and Calamator hear of this facility, and realize their work is not quite complete, and so along with TV personality Arlekin, they decide it is time to shut this business down.

There is no doubt that Lara is improving with every step he takes. Zombie Xtreme is better written, better directed …basically better all round. The zombie make up, done by Make Up Factory, is still little more than Carnival of Souls style with a few bleeding wounds, but Lara, along with his gore companion Cesar Lanaquera, has come up with some outrageous gore pieces (one of the Deadhunters tries to strangle a zombie with the zombies own intestines), which occasionally don't work (the worst hand cut off piece one shall ever see, the zombies arm is about 2 feet longer than what it should be). The worst that can be said about this movie is the acting is occasionally bad, and once or twice the lighting was out of whack, and some scenes couldn't be seen properly.

If one of your lifelong dreams is to see a topless female zombie convulsing in her death throes... dream no longer. Lara has created some ridiculous scenes, although none as silly as 'The Dance of the Handkerchiefs' from DeadHunter: Sevillian Zombies, including battling a zombie with a guitar, serenading a zombie, a hand to hand fight with a zombie that results in a Matrix pisstake, and some of the most hilarious dialogue you shall ever read, both deliberate and accidental through translation (trapped in a room full of rotting corpses, one of the Deadhunters comments "How Stinky!"). Lara's films are fun like Troma's stable, and are getting better with every one he puts together; I can't wait for the next one.
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