Slaughtered Vomit Dolls
By: J.R. McNamara on January 25, 2006  |  Comments ()  |  Bookmark and Share
Director: Lucifer Valentine
Starring: Ameara LaVey
Screenplay: Lucifer Valentine
Duration: 75 minutes Country: Canada
Year: 2005
Director and emetophiliac Lucifer Valentine hit the horror forums like a whirlwind. From here at Terror Australis to the forums at the Canadian Rue Morgue Magazine and the UK's Slasherama, he came and told us all about his brand new type of horror movie that had never been experienced before: vomit gore. That's right: vomit gore. Vomit is not enough and neither is gore, but to find that unique mixture of the two, to Lucifer anyway, is truly satisfying. To be a part of the independent horror scene was not enough for Mr. Valentine, he created this genre to satisfy the needs of people who… um … like vomit and gore. I am all for people who find a niche to fill in any genre of films, no matter how slim it might be, so at the very least Valentine needs to be congratulated on not just acting on his creative impulses, but also his aggressive self promotion. It seems to survive in the film game you need the one thing that Valentine has a lot of: chutzpah!

A fairly non linear storyline involving a suicidal, bulimic stripper/prostitute who is tormented by visions of people being tortured and murdered, but is she a victim, or perpetrator, or is she descending into madness? Actually I feel the plot is up to the individual's interpretation, which is where Valentine's story is clever, at various times through the movie I had different ideas as to what the story was about.

Slaughtered Vomit Dolls was filmed in various locations around Vancouver British Colombia over a period of five months, including Valentine's own house. The post production period was ten months, as Valentine is basically a one man band, doing the shooting, editing, sound and visual effects himself on various computers all over the world. His influences range from the notorious Guinea Pig movies to family favorites like Henry and Blue Velvet. The lovely star of this film is porn actress/ stripper Ameara La Vey, an ex-flame of Valentines, who has a great presence in this flick, and spends most of the time naked; actually, most of the female cast spends a lot of their time naked. As a small aside, fans of grunge music will notice a number of references to Kurt Cobain and his suicide within this film, apparently due to the fact that Valentine came up with the idea for this flick while standing out the front of Cobain's house.

At times it felt like I was watching an extended version of a Marilyn Manson clip, but all in all Slaughtered Vomit Dolls is a unique experience.Valentine's unusual lighting techniques, handheld camerawork and quick cut editing swing between being inspired and annoying. The usual small film problems come up, such as the one man show syndrome. Slaughtered Vomit Dolls could have definitely done with someone else editing, as writer/ director/editors tend to love all of their own shots and have problems cutting anything. On occasion I felt some of the mundane, and the gore and vomit shots could have been trimmed. Personally I feel this would have been a far more effective 30 to 40 minute short, rather than a 70 odd minute feature. The gore effects are absolutely brilliant and occasionally outstanding. Not for everyone…actually, hardly for anyone at all, Valentine cannot be criticized for coming up with something contrived or imitative. Violent, gruesome and, with its bucketloads of vomit, sickening, this movie also has an underlying thread of, not just physical, but mental cruelty as well…and I mean all that in a good way.

Slaughtered Vomit Dolls and Lucifer Valentine have taught me something: that liking and enjoying a film is two completely different things. Worth a watch just to say you have seen it. This film is to be released eventually on DVD with extras, for more information
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