D'Wild Wild Weng (1982)
By: Devon B. on March 10, 2013 | Comments
D’Wild Wild Weng Poster Art
Director: Eddie Nicart
Screenplay: Cora Caballes
Starring: Weng Weng, Yehlen Catral, Max Laurel, Nina Sara, Max Alvarado
Country: Philippines
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Several years back Andrew Leavold became obsessed with compact action hero Weng Weng and was so enamoured with the Filipino star that he got a picture of Weng Weng's face tattooed on his arm. Leavold's fascination also lead him to try and find out everything he could about the mysterious Mr Weng, and after a lot of searching Leavold has found the answers he was looking for.

Leavold has a Kickstarter project launching soon to help finish a documentary he's made about Weng Weng and his search for Weng Weng, appropriately titled The Search for Weng Weng. To jumpstart the Kickstarter, Leavold and co-producer/writer Daniel Palisa are doing a tour of the East Coast showing some extended scenes from the documentary, parts of which look almost as wacky as Weng Weng's fictional films, coupled with a screening of D'Wild Wild Weng. For those who've had the good sense to pick up the Umbrella release of For Y'ur Height Only and Impossible Kid, Weng Weng will need no introduction, but to clarify for those idiots that haven't taken notice, Weng Weng is a super awesome, super short, super fun, superstar. Because D'Wild Wild Weng is a rarer film than those other two I've never had a chance to see it, and I was so eager that I was the first one at the venue.

D'Wild Wild Weng makes a brief mention that Weng Weng is still a secret agent, but that may just be in the English dub, because this is less a 007 sort of film than a Western… at least, I think it's a Western. Weng Weng and his big, burly sidekick named Gordon (!) are on a mission, and nothing will deter them except the need to save people from being wrongfully assaulted by villains. Luckily, they manage to work their favourite activity, saving people from being wrongfully assaulted by villains, into their main goal in the movie, which is to save people from being wrongfully assaulted by villains. Weng Weng's actions draw the attention of a villain who likes to wrongfully assault people, so it's up to Weng Weng and Gordon to save the people before they get too wrongfully assaulted (by villains).

While D'Wild Wild Weng isn't the masterpiece that For Y'ur Height Only is, it makes up for its comparative shortcomings by being bizarre as all fuck. As I said, I'm not quite sure if this is a Western, as in set in the Wild West of North America, or if it's just showing how multi-cultural the Philippines is. There are banditos, cowboys, secret agents (maybe), ninjas, Indians and samurai's (however that last one may just be a dubbing mistake since they seem to be part of the same group as the ninjas). Given the ninjas, I'm thinking it's not the American Wild West, but maybe I wasn't paying attention while my country's ninja heritage was being covered in history class. I doubt that, though, because if there's one word that always snaps me back to attention it's "ninja". Regardless of the film's location, these various groups provide different types of villains for Weng Weng to constantly save people from like he was one fifth, or should that be one tenth, of The A-Team.

I may not have mentioned it, but there is a lot of Weng Weng saving people from being wrongfully assaulted by villains in this movie. I think there were three scenes in a row where Weng Weng is walking along, spots someone being wrongfully assaulted by villains, then breaks it up. While that may seem excessive, I actually really liked this element of D'Wild Wild Weng because it gave Weng Weng far more opportunity to show his hoo-ha skills. This film has more MMA (midget martial arts) than any movie I've ever seen, and Weng Weng's fights are always such a hoot there's no way I'd complain about getting to see more of them, even if the story becomes redundant or altogether disappears to get the extra fisticuffs in.

Fans of the crazier nature of Weng Weng's films will freak out for this one, because the Filipino banditos are just the tip of a very strange iceberg. There's a man whose tongue's been cut out but who the other characters seem able to understand like he was Kenny on South Park. Most of the Indians in D'Wild Wild Weng are dwarves, fond of bows bigger than they are. Scenes appear to have been dubbed without a script. There's a serenade, with awkward accompaniment from the tongueless character. The film has the weird accolade of featuring both the best and worst on screen deaths I've ever seen. The climax borrows heavily from The Wild Bunch but manages to do it without squibs. It should be remembered that D'Wild Wild Weng is a comedy, so some of this stuff was probably intentional humour, but when a movie has as many odd things as this one it's hard to work out where the line between gags and incompetence lays.

D'Wild Wild Weng may sound like a gonzo porn title, but it's actually a cult film of the highest order, and I laughed most of the way through it. Some people wandered into the screening after the movie had started and the look of befuddlement on their faces made me feel sorry for them. Clearly the nation as a whole has yet to awaken to the wonderful Weng Weng, something that The Search for Weng Weng will hopefully remedy. In the mean time, established converts such as myself are just glad that there's a third Weng Weng film with an English language translation out there.
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