Saw: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
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'He (Charlie Clouser) has created an unconventional score that is as harsh and rusty as the hacksaw used in the film, yet also incredibly haunting and moving at times' - Saw director, James Wan.

I must admit right from the off that I've yet to check out Saw, (too many crisp-pack rattling twats in cinemas these days, so it's DVD or broke for me I'm sad to say), so my ramblings on this soundtrack disc are restricted to listening to it as a stand-alone CD, rather than as an accompaniment to the movie. There's a world of difference: the 'Auschwitz-Birkenau' piece from Schindler's List is a beautiful piece of music in it's own right but when images from the film pop into your head whilst listening, the tune becomes even more chilling and effective. So with that point in mind, and my apologies for not getting my lazy arse to the cinema more often given, how does the Saw soundtrack hold up?

Featuring tracks from Front Line Assembly, Pitbull Daycare and Fear Factory and original music composed by Charlie Clouser, this soundtrack will go down pretty well with fans of NIN and Marilyn Manson, not entirely surprising when Clouser's connections with these artists, in the capacity of keyboardist/programmer/drummer, are considered. Clouser's compositions reminded my a little of NIN's score to that PC game from years ago - Quake. Stretches of 'weird' sounds, almost ambient noise, are punctuated with clattering drum beats and loud, distorted guitar parts. The contributions from the other artists are as you would expect - aggressive, loud techno-metal.

Sadly the soundtrack lacks a real 'hook' along the lines of Carpenter's Halloween theme but the songs are pretty good, (Fear Factory's contribution is a great track), and I found Clouser's work to be oddly relaxing - maybe that isn't the desired effect but what the heck, I dug it.

Not wishing to state the obvious but this soundtrack is much more effective when listened to in a darkened room, through headphones. The music conjures images of a Se7en-ish movie in my mind and, since I haven't seen the film, if that is appropriate then all responsible have (bad joke alert) really hit the nail on the head with this soundtrack. (Sorry!)

Track Listing

01. Sturm - Front Line Assembly
02. Hello, Adam
03. Bite The Hand That Bleeds - Fear Factory
04. Last I Heard...
05. Action - Enemy
06. Reverse Beartrap
07. You Make Feel So Dead - Pitbull Daycare
08. X Marks the Spot
09. Wonderful World - Psycho Pomps
10. Cigarette
11. We're Out of Time
12. F**k This S*!t
13. Hello Zepp
14. Zepp Overature

The disc runs for around 40 minutes and consists of 14 tracks. The package carries liner notes from director, James Wan, concerning the creation of the soundtrack .

Certainly a disc that fans of the movie will want to pick up.
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