Zombie Undead (2010)
By: J.R. McNamara on February 25, 2013 | Comments
MVD Visual (USA) | All Regions, NTSC | 2.35:1 (16:9 enhanced) | English DD 2.0 | 82 minutes (Full Specs)
The Movie
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Director: Rhys Davies
Starring: Ruth King, Kris Tearse, Barry Thomas, Christopher J. Herbert, Steven Dolton
Screenplay: Kris Tearse
Country: UK
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Naming a zombie movie must be difficult when you consider the absolute glut of films out there with the undead in them. These days the best thing to do might be to put a whole pile of words from zombie film titles into a hat and pull them out until you get a title that sounds good. Or if you are the makers of Zombie Undead, you simply pick one that sounds absolutely redundant and ridiculous.

This film is directed by Rhys Davies from a script by Kris Tearse, who also performs in the film and must have seen every zombie film known to man, judging by this derivative story.

You actually know the tale already. Person wakes up in a hospital to find the dead have returned to life and are consuming the living.

Not enough? OK, I'll expand.

The film starts with Sarah (Ruth King), who is in a vehicle with paramedic Steve (Barry Thomas) taking her sick father to hospital. When they get there though, Sarah, horrified by her father's symptoms of vomiting blood, passes out. When she wakes up much later in a hospital bed, the world is a different place. Why? The dead have come back. It's a zombie apocalypse. There's undead everywhere! After being attacked, she bands together with Jay (writer of the film Kris Tearse), the aforementioned Steve, and a bunch of throw-away stereotypes to try and find a safe haven either within or outside of the hospital. Will they all survive? And does anyone care?

The writer and the director of this film should be charged with shoplifting when you consider the amount of 'borrowed' bits in this film. The pilfered products include Night of the Living Dead, The Day of the Triffids, 28 Days Later (which really stole its beginning from 'Triffids'), The Walking Dead (which really stole its beginning from 'Triffids' as well), Dawn of the Dead (original and remake), Living Dead at Manchester Morgue… ah, seriously, every zombie film ever made!

It's not all completely bad though. While the dialogue is tiresome it is at least delivered with a degree of competency by some of the actors, and the zombie make-up is occasionally pretty good, though mostly I imagine the extras were told to wear old clothes and they slapped some fake blood on their necks. The gore is also messy and not too infrequent, although it would take splatter of Premutos-esque proportions to make this laborious undead atrocity something worth recommending, and it doesn't even come close in that department.

Clichéd, drawn-out, and ultimately boring, Zombie Undead is as uneventful as anything you'll find in the over-saturated zombie sub-genre.
The 2.35:1 presentation is free of artefacts, but the image isn't the clearest ever put on digital disc. The director's decision to keep the camera in constant motion doesn't help at all as the camera appears to constantly be attempting to focus on the subject at the centre of the frame. The stereo sound is pretty good, though on occasion the dialogue doesn't seem to line up perfectly with the people speaking. Since this entire movie was filmed in corridors, there is a lot of echo-y-ness to all the sounds and dialogue, though thankfully the music score, which is surpsingly decent, doesn't suffer the same fate.

There are no extras on this disc and I am entirely thankful. If I had to watch someone justifying their decisions on this piece of tripe, or an actor talk about how brilliant the script/effects/direction was, I would have vomited.
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I hate to be the one to spit in the face of an independent filmmaker, but Zombie Undead is shit. Slow, talky, boring shit. If you're an indie filmmaker and you expect people to be impressed with your work, bring something to the table other than a weak episode of The Walking Dead.

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