Sea Beast (2008)
By: Devon B. on January 27, 2013 | Comments
Sony | Region 4, PAL | 1.78:1 (16:9 enhanced) | English DD 2.0 | 84 minutes (Full Specs)
The Movie
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Director: Paul Ziller
Starring: Corin Nemec, Camille Sullivan, Brent Stait, Gary Hudson
Screenplay: Neil Elman and Paul Ziller
Country: Canada
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Even though The Asylum have gotten themselves into trouble recently, there always have been and always will be rip offs. Maybe not always quite to the flagrancy that The Asylum worked themselves up to, but second-tier knock offs were around way before The Asylum opened shop. While The Asylum tend to focus in on one film to steal the fan base of, the makers of Sea Beast thought they'd go for a three-for-one sort of deal.

The movie starts with a CG ship at sea, which was so unconvincing I thought it must be a company logo before the film began. Nope. Anyway, there's this small fishing town that's beset upon by sea monsters à la Humanoids from the Deep, except without the breeding. Plus there's a perfect storm brewing à la The Perfect Storm, except without the budget. A marine biologist and a fisherman try to work out what's going on, and some of the sea beasts come ashore and start pretending they're in Predator, without the alien.

There's an early scene in Sea Beast that confused the hell outta me. A sea beast hopes onto a pier, and a guy uses his torch to try and find it despite the fact there's still plenty of daylight. He can't see the beast because it looks like a 3D CG model outline that's not been filled in yet. At first I thought somehow an incomplete effect managed to sneak into the film, but then the beast turns solid and looks like a reject from a Resident Evil video game. I'm not sure why the guy couldn't spot the beast, because its outline was clearly visible. It's explained that the beasts have camouflaging abilities, and maybe when it bites people they take on that ability because the severed arm of the guy has a different skin colour than the actor did. This camouflage trick allows the beasts to turn practically invisible, so there're a lot of scenes that owe to the Predator series, plus the beasts' POV, while not infrared, doesn't do a lot to make Sea Beast unique compared to Predator.

Aside from lacking originality, Sea Beast isn't great. It's a low budget version of things everyone's already seen done better. I was somewhat amused by how rubbish the monsters were, but not so much so that I thought the movie was so-bad-it's good. The movie is short and fast paced, but because the beasts were so poorly rendered I found myself losing interest. There are quite a few FX shots, so clearly there just wasn't enough money to get the beasts looking good, or even like they were part of the same scenes they were appearing in. The beasts bear the brunt of the blame, but other bits are stupid like a character that's too closely modelled on Quint from Jaws and some forced and poorly performed humour elements.

Sea Beast doesn't have a lot going for it, and if I want to watch characters do stupid things and getting eaten, I'll stick with some of its "inspirations".
The Disc
It's not an expensive movie so doesn't look awesome, but the print is clean and the image is generally okay. There's a bit of trailing and some edge enhancement, but overall the transfer's decent. Audio is a stereo track, which is fine. There's nothing really of note, but the dialogue remains clear and the mix is even.

Trailers play on start up for Armored, Daybreakers and Seventh Moon.

The Verdict
Sea Beast never escapes the been there, done that feel because it never makes much effort to be original. It's not the worst monster movie I've ever seen, but I've seen Death Bed so that's not saying much.
Movie Score
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