Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil (2005)
By: Devon B. on February 1, 2013 | Comments
Madman | Region 4, PAL | 4:3 | English DD 2.0 | 127 minutes (Full Specs)
The Movie
Cover Art
Creator: Loren Bouchard
Voices: H. Jon Benjamin, Melissa Bardin Galsky, Jon Glaser
Writers: Loren Bouchard, H. Jon Benjamin, Holly Schlesinger
Country: USA
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Some of my favourite television has come out of the Adult Swim line up, like Venture Bros., but there have also been some shows, like 12 Oz. Mouse, that mostly just confuse me. I wasn't sure if I should check out Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil because I couldn't tell which side of the Adult Swim spectrum it was going to fall on, but because H. Jon Benjamin always makes me laugh I figured I'd give it a go.

Surprisingly given the show's title, this show features a girl named Lucy, and she is the daughter of the Devil. Lucy's the Antichrist and she's going through a bit of a rebellious phase, which includes her getting romantically entangled with a DJ named Jesus, who may be the Anti-Antichrist. Meanwhile, the Vatican are tracking Lucy, and have sent two fathers and a really zealous and aggro nun to find her. What the show is mainly about though is not so much the daughter of the Devil but the Devil himself. The Devil is determined to take over the world, and despite all his power, he's not very good at it.

I enjoyed Lucy, but I didn't end up obsessing over it like I have with some other Adult Swim titles. Every episode has at least one really funny moment, and it features the improvised, sprawling dialogue that H. Jon is so good at. There is a running story through the episodes, but that story arc does fall by the wayside frequently. The larger story might initially be a little confusing to those that haven't seen the pilot, but it wouldn't take new comers long to work out who the characters are and how they relate to each other. Usually the show focuses on flippant, goofy fun, but the vampire altar boys episode does have a swipe at the Catholic Church's molestation problems.

Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil was inspired by horror movies, or one horror movie in particular, so it does have a few humorous nods to the genre, but it is mostly a character driven comedic piece. It has some tasteless gags, but overall it's fairly sweet natured, so even when the Devil's being "evil" he doesn't seem that threatening because we've seen he can be a relaxed, happy go lucky kinda guy. His advocate adds a bit more serious malice, but the scariest character by far is the nun on the trail of Lucy, a shrill, violent maniac with a disturbing past.

The art is intentionally crude, but should appeal to fans of Fisher Price playsets, and real effort was made so that each credits sequence is distinct. The credits are sometimes the best part of an episode, and are almost always the most visually compelling element.

Lucy has some hilarious bits, and the show remains consistently amusing throughout the series. There was more material to be mined here, but the show only lasted one season so this disc contains every episode produced. I enjoyed it, but wouldn't say it's up there with Adult Swim's best.
The Disc
Ah, this is tricky. The show is presented full frame, which is the right ratio, but most of the episodes are presented "widescreen" so for most of the show it looks like a non-anamorphic transfer. The credits are really the only part that make use of the full frame, but I'm not really sure how Madman could've fixed this without compromising the few moments of the show which make use of the whole image. The art is pretty raw at times, which makes it hard to assess the quality of the image's transfer, but it seemed like a decent representation of how the show was meant to look.

Nothing special in the audio department, but this is a dialogue driven show and the dialogue was always clear.

The DVD comes with commentaries on four episodes, interviews, a making of, Sing-a-Longs and trailers for other Adult Swim titles. The first commentary is series main man Loren Bouchard on his own, but he is joined by creative consultant Holly Schlesinger and artist Nora Smith, who did the title animations, for the other three tracks. It's hard to find a flow for a commentary track for a 10 minute episode, but these people did okay, giving a bit of info but keeping things relaxed. The short interviews are with Eugene Mirman who played the nun and H. Jon, who does a Paranormal Activity type thing. The Sing-a-Longs are for three of the show's songs, each running about thirty seconds and two have what look like ukulele tabs as well. The making of runs about 20 minutes and I found it to be better than the commentary tracks, covering the show's origins, the improv of the dialogue, the music and the great title animations.
The Verdict
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Overall Score
It won't oust Metalocalypse from everyone's memory, but Lucy is a decent effort that may well have turned into something remarkable if given the chance to grow. This DVD has a good making of and some other enjoyable extras, and does what it can with the show's presentation, so it's another solid release from Madman.

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