Iron Doors (2010)
By: Devon B. on September 1, 2015 | Comments
MVD Visual | All Regions, NTSC | 1.78:1 (16:9 enhanced) | English DD 5.1 | 77 minutes (Full Specs)
The Movie
Cover Art
Director: Stephen Manuel
Stars: Axel Wedekind, Rungano Nyoni
Screenplay: Peter Arneson
Country: Germany
I've sat through movies with Greek subtitles burned into the print. I've sat through movies where the image destabilised every few seconds. I've sat through movies with terrible dubs. But one thing I've never coped with is movies where the audio is out of sync. Fortunately now that I've made it to the age of DVD I don't have to deal with any of those pet peeves anymore. Or do I?

Iron Doors is about a guy who wakes up locked in a room with only a dead rat to keep him company. At first he's just a little annoyed with the people he assumes have put him in there, but as time passes and he realises it's not just a harmless joke his desperation grows. He begins to find things hidden in the room and realises he's being tested, and is determined to find a way out before he dies of dehydration. The slick says it will be starvation that gets him, but he'd die of dehydration first so the slick is dumb.

What's also dumb is that no one at MVD has bothered with the slightest bit of quality control before releasing this disc. There is a significant audio delay on both audio tracks on this DVD, and this massive oversight completely ruins any value the DVD might've had. I fiddled with the audio visual sync settings on my player, but the timing was too far out on the DVD for me to get them to align. I'll try and discuss the movie objectively, but that will be a challenge because any hope of my enjoying the feature was ruined by this negligent presentation.

Iron Doors might've been an interesting psychological thriller if it had preceded Saw or Cube, but because both those movies were out well before Iron Doors it just feels like a low grade rip off. There's a bigger focus on bodily functions and the lead says “fuck” a lot, but neither of those elements make the movie feel fresh. The direction isn't too bad and there are some interestingly composed shots, but there's no escaping the been there done that sensation watching this movie triggers. Iron Doors is a short movie, but it still feels slow and drags in places.

Iron Doors isn't a strong enough movie to overcome its shoddy transfer. I tried to give it a fair go, I really did, but ultimately I found my annoyance growing along with the characters' and I just kept watching the clock hoping their ordeal would end soon so that my suffering could also finish.
The Disc
Picture wise Iron Doors looks good for a low budget film, with some solid detail, a clear image and a clean print. I think I've bitched enough about the audio in the main portion of the review so here I'll just say that both tracks suck. There are some subtitles that pop up sometimes when the characters aren't speaking English, but they don't always appear so the subtitler deserves to be fired along with the audio synch guy. The only extra is the trailer, which has the audio in sync.
The Verdict
Movie Score
Disc Score
Overall Score
I tried this disc on both my players and encountered the same audio issues so I feel confident in saying avoid this release because it's utterly worthless. I was going to say fuck this DVD but I tried that and the hard plastic hole hurt my penis, so I would recommend that others find a different way to get value from the disc. Maybe use it as a coaster?
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