Bloody Christmas (2012)
By: Devon B. on December 25, 2012 | Comments
MVD Visual (USA) | All Regions, NTSC | 1.78:1 (16:9 enhanced) | English DD 2.0 | 91 minutes (Full Specs)
The Movie
Cover Art
Director: Michael Shershenovich
Starring: Steve Montague, Robert Youngren, Robert Arensen, Geretta Geretta, Adriana Kaegi
Screenplay: Michael Shershenovich
Country: USA
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The tagline for Bloody Christmas is "The bloodiest Christmas story ever told". Like a lot of advertising, this is a lie. This movie can't compete with the full strength Silent Night, Deadly Night, and I hear tell that by far the most gruesome, bloodiest Xmas movie ever is The Passion of the Christ, though perhaps that's technically more of an Easter film.

In Bloody Christmas there's this down and out actor playing Santa on a really shoddy TV show or something. He loses the plot because Christ has come out of Xmas and he doesn't like the crass commercialisation of the holiday. There's also a priest with no congregation who hates Santa and spends most of his time with a tattooed nun. Most of the nuns I've met didn't have tattoos, but then I guess the priest in The XXXorcist had some so maybe I'm just out of touch with today's Catholic Church. There are also some cops who are chasing a child murderer. The stories all eventually come together, but it takes awhile because of all the stuffing… I mean padding.

This is another cheeeeeeap Xmas movie that won't be making it into my regular rotation. Like so many shot-on-video movies, Bloody Christmas suffers from an abundance of people meandering around. The whole thing could've been significantly tightened up, losing at least 20 minutes, so it will have all but the most diligent viewers reaching for the fast forward button – those that don't just hit the eject button instead, of course. The production values are really low in everything except the cast diversity. The photographer must be a fan of Jess Franco because there are careening zooms, but because this is SOV it makes the film feel more like a home movie shot by someone who couldn't work the camera instead of giving the movie a handheld documentary feel.

Unlike some shoe-string movies, there are a few nice things I can say. There's a crude claymation piece, which is at least something different; a short shower scene; a brief but amusing cameo from Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma and creator of the Toxic Avenger; and children are killed which doesn't happen in most movies. The cast is also pretty varied in age, gender and race, which is unusual for a movie of this budget, and some of the acting is surprisingly decent, and not just by no-budget standards. Some of the other acting, particularly from the children, is as amateurish as one's likely to find, but credit where it's due, this movie is not overflowing with shitty performances like a lot of its ilk.

Bloody Christmas is better than Psycho Santa or Satan Claus, but it never escapes its budgetary trappings to become something of real interest.
This murky SOV film is not pretty, though I don't think it's the transfer's fault. There are scenes where the cameraman couldn't even be fucked to clean the lens, so it's not like even a great DVD would be able to make this film look good.
There're echoes, hiss and other location sound issues, plus the score is overbearing and can drown out dialogue. Again, probably not the DVD's fault.
Extra Features
The DVD comes with some interviews, two deleted scenes and trailers for the movie. The first interview is a short one with the lead, and there's another collection of interviews that runs a bit longer and features some of the others involved before interviewing the lead again. The first deleted scene has no sound and is some footage of Blood and Black Lace's Mary Arden on the phone and at the door, and the second is a 40 second or so dinner scene.
The Verdict
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Overall Score
The priest may be anti-Santa, but the religion vs. commercialisation theme was handled way more amusingly in The Spirit of Christmas. I don't think a lot of effort was invested in the presentation of the film, but I also don't think there was much to work with here, and at least there are a few extras for the fans.

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