Assault of the Sasquatch (2009)
By: Devon B. on August 22, 2012  | 
Synthetic Cinema | Region 1, NTSC | 2.35:1 (16:9 enhanced) | English DD 5.1 | 84 minutes (Full Specs)
The Movie
Cover Art
Director: Andrew Gernhard
Starring: Kevin Shea, Greg Nutcher, Sarah J. Ahearn, Cristina Santiago, Andrea Saenz
Screenplay: John Doolan
Country: USA
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When I popped in Assault of the Sasquatch, or Sasquatch Assault as it's called in the special features, I got a bit of a fright. The photo on the audio menu was of a guy who also starred in Kids Go to the Woods. Kids Get Dead, which I had subjected myself to only the day before so I could warn everyone in Digital Retribution Land not to watch it. I braced myself for another no-budget snoozefest, but was pleasantly surprised to see Assault of the Sasquatch at least had some money behind it. It may not have been a lot of money, but at least they could afford a cast that were familiar with the concept of acting.

In Assault of the Sasquatch, some unscrupulous hunters are after bears. One of them implies that the bears could be eaten, but my understanding is that bear is awful to eat. The main purpose of killing the bears isn't food, so I guess it's a by product, but still it's a much better idea to let bears eat people instead of people eating bears. The hunters also accidentally catch a sasquatch that looks like John Carl Buechler, but unfortunately after tranqing the sasquatch and loading him in their truck, the leader gets arrested. One of the arresting Forest Rangers drives the truck to a police station, so I hope he had a current heavy vehicle license. The cop shop is running on a skeleton crew so there aren't many staff around, and then a crim breaks out of gaol, steals the cop's supplies and cuts the power off. Meanwhile the sasquatch has woken up and gone off on a little exploration, which leads to a scene that I thought was going to feature a sexual assault of the sasquatch, and then he conveniently comes back just as the people at the police station find the opened truck. I did like that it's an animal that's stayed hidden for centuries, but just when the people try to work out what happened to the truck, he's peeking out from behind a sign. No wonder he's never been spotted, being able to blend in like that. Perhaps the sasquatch is a fan of John Carpenter, because he takes it upon himself to assault the precinct. With no means to call for backup, the people find themselves facing off against bigfoot.

Assault of the Sasquatch is a goofy movie that isn't meant to be taken seriously. The acting is mostly passable, though the film has a few too many characters and this is confusing in the beginning when they're all being introduced. The makeup and gore FX are pretty simple, and the bigfoot costume looks like a cheap GELF suit from Red Dwarf. Also, no one bothered to dirty the costume up so sasquatch looks like one very clean woodlands creature.

Assault of the Sasquatch is played more for laughs than as a horror movie. There're definitely some bad jokes and some odd ones, but there're also some genuinely funny moments, like when bigfoot beats a guy with his own severed arm. That joke will never get old. Two would-be members of the Sasquatch Society that are trying to track bigfoot after spotting him playing peeping Tom provide most of the comic relief, but since the movie's so silly there's not a lot to relieve from.

It's no Night of the Demon, but Assault of the Sasquatch does have a bigfoot that gets violent, and that's a winning formula in my book.
The movie's low budget so has a few flaws. There's video haze in some scenes, and the processing the movie's gone through has left some scenes looking very ethereal. These both seem like problems with the source element not the transfer, and otherwise the transfer's fine.
The film has 5.1 or 2.0 mixes available. The 2.0 is louder, but the 5.1 is clearer. The boosted volume makes the 2.0 more prone to distortion, but both have a bit of it. Both tracks also have a lot of ADR. Again, these are presumably issues with the materials and not the transfer on the DVD.
Extra Features
The DVD has the film's trailer, Banshee!!!'s trailer, a blooper reel, a behind the scenes, a music video clip and a commentary. The behind the scenes is with the two Sasquatch Society guys, and starts with their road trip to the set, then has some general behind the scenes stuff. The video clip is of a song from the movie, and features sasquatch getting jiggy with it. The commentary track has director Andrew Gernhard, writer John Doolan, FX guys Ben Chester and Paul Melluzzo and cinematographer Colin Theys. The track is a little chaotic, but most of the time the listener will be able to tell what's going on. They give info on the film and the filming, but they can also talk over each other and with so many commentators it's hard for any of the speakers to go into great detail or tell longer anecdotes.
The Verdict
Movie Score
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Overall Score
A beer and pizza movie, Assault of the Sasquatch should amuse fans of the "When Sasquatch Attacks" genre, of which there are tragically too few entries. This isn't a great monster movie, but it is a bit of fun, and the DVD presents the movie well and throws in some good features for the fans. particularly those that have always wanted to see bigfoot bust a move.

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