Resurrection County (2008)
By: Julian on June 28, 2011  | 
Monster Pictures | All Regions, NTSC | 1.78:1 (16:9 enhanced) | English DD 2.0 | 97 minutes (Full Specs)
The Movie
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Director: Matt Zettell
Starring: Adam Huss, Kathryn Michelle, Dayton Knoll, Robert Miano, Rus Blackwell, Jason Davis
Screenplay: Matt Yeager
Country: USA
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Four city travellers – brother, sister and their other halves – go on a quad-bike camping trip through backwoods America. The blokes leave the girls at their camping site while they head off to ride. They get lost after cutting through some private property, and a pair of hillbillies draw arms and threaten the two. A Mexican standoff ensues, and one of our protagonists shoots one of the hillbillies in the head. They escape, but the other hick recruits his mob to go in hot pursuit, locating the women and tormenting them while the boys remain on the run.

I really enjoyed Resurrection County. Although it has barely one iota of originality, it is an immensely entertaining ride, particularly for such a low-budget effort. However, there are some things here that set Resurrection County apart from the bunch. One interesting thing is that the protagonists are quite unlikeable. Whether this was a deliberate effort by the filmmakers, I don't know, but it certainly adds something to it: they're pampered, arrogant city-folk, but they certainly don't deserve the horrible things being inflicted on them. In this respect, this is reminiscent of another, very different, backwoods film, local product, Long Weekend, which is peopled by awful characters having far more awful things happen to them. As a viewer, it puts us in a bit of a quandary.

The performances are decent, which is also atypical of a zero-budget, independent feature such as this. The hillbillies are all faceless psychos who aren't given much character development but they don't need to be so fleshed out – we know all we need to know with a shotgun blast about mid-way through the movie. What's more impressive is the technical quality (or, perhaps more accurate, the appearance of technical quality) that this movie exudes: director Matt Zettell does a terrific job on this second horror feature of his (it followed 2007's The Cellar Door) and he surrounds himself with technicians who obviously live by the maxim 'less is more', playing smart with their limited funds instead of squandering them on a couple of wham-bam gore effects and dizzy MTV camerawork.

There's not too much more to say about this film. It is well done, but we've seen this sort of thing umpteen times. There are differences that elevate this above the mediocre, and these are limited to Matt Zettell's eye for horror and some interesting characterisations by screenwriter Matt Yeager.
The picture, presented in 16:9, is clear and well shot by DP Greg Hartman.
One English audio track, presented in Dolby 2.0. It's fine.
Extra Features
The Verdict
The misfortune of the characters snowballs from the moment the four run into our antagonists, who are at first helpful bumpkins, before one of our boys overact and the Deliverance mentality shines through. This interesting film that, if nothing else, will help put Zettell on the map.
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