Frisky Dingo: Season 2 (2007)
By: Devon B. on January 20, 2011  | 
Madman | Region 4, PAL | 4:3 | English DD 2.0 | 133 minutes (Full Specs)
The Movie
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Creators: Adam Reed, Matt Thompson
Voices: Stuart Culpepper, Christian Danley, Adam Reed
Country: USA
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Frisky Dingo season one revolved around super villain Killface threatening to push the Earth into the sun with his Annihilatrix device, and there's no way to offer a synopsis of season two without revealing the cliffhanger ending of season one. I can't imagine anyone's season one viewing experience would be ruined by knowing what's happened at the very end, but you have been warned.

Season two of Frisky Dingo starts up where season one ended and the Annihilatrix has been engaged. As with all things to do with Killface, things don't go quite to plan, and instead of hurtling the Earth into the sun the Annihilatrix pushes the Earth slightly away from the sun. The slight increase in distance actually resolves global warming, so rather than destroy the Earth, Killface has inadvertently saved it. One year on and Killface has reinvented himself from being a super villain to being a politician and is running for the US Presidency. Fixing global warming has gotten him pretty far, but his campaign is struggling because his entire platform is summed by him saying in various ways that he fixed global warming. Now he needs some fresh ideas on how to win votes, and he and his team come up with several interesting ways to get people's attention.

I'm a bit confused what the time frame is in the Presidential runnings because it seems like the resolution of global warming has pushed Killface through the primaries, but when his arch nemesis, Xander Crews, hears that Killface is running for President, he also begins a campaign and seemingly gets the Republican nomination, so maybe just the Democratic primaries are over. At one point it's mentioned primaries are still happening, so I got even more confused, but political timelines aren't really what Frisky Dingo is about, so only an idiot would get too caught up in all of that.

The intro to the new season of Frisky Dingo feels kind of like The Office, and the show is set up to play like it's a documentary following Killface's and Crews' election campaigns. The episodes all connect with the main story running through, but each episode is self contained and if you've missed a few episodes you should be able to pick up what's happening pretty easy. Though some episodes have a succinct mini-plot, the connected story makes the show seem almost like a movie cut up into 12 pieces. That, coupled with running gags from episode to episode, mean Frisky Dingo may play better on DVD than it did on TV.

The show loses some steam in the latter half of the season, but this is just a few episodes that aren't as strong, and even they are still funny. The rest of the episodes are frequently hilarious, particularly whenever Xander's insane ego gets to run amuck (which is whenever he's on screen). The focus this season is less on superhero vs. super villain satire, but instead on political issues like right wing media control, and a very funny, if not entirely original, bit where Killface adopts the tendencies of a recent President.

Frisky Dingo was cancelled before it's time and gets nowhere near the accolades it deserves. It ranks easily among the best of the Adult Swim line up, and the incredibly short lived Xtacles spin off show proved there was more that could be done in the Frisky Dingo universe.
The show's presented in the original aspect ratio of 1.33:1. It's clear and clean, being a new cartoon and all.
Audio is a 2.0 mix and is fine. The swearing is beeped, but that doesn't hurt the show like it does some other Adult Swim titles because it's being presented as a TV doco so censorship is part of the format.
Extra Features
Not a lot of extras, unfortunately. There're trailers for other Adult Swim titles, a "political" commercial which is really an ad for the DVD release, and an Xtacles short. The short's inclusion is why the box says there're 13 episodes when there're only 12 of the Frisky Dingo series.
The Verdict
It's a shame Frisky Dingo only ran two seasons because I think it had plenty more life left in it. It's better to go out on a high note, I know, but there was more to be done. That doesn't detract from the quality of this show, which is a must have for those who like their humour warped and silly.
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