Cool Devices (1995)
By: Captain Red Eye on December 2, 2010  | 
Siren Visual | Region 4, PAL | 4:3 | Japanese DD 2.0 | 53 minutes (Full Specs)
The Movie
Cover Art
Director: Osamu Shimokawa, Hiroyuki Utatane
Voices: Brad Affleck, Joseph Bakeoff, Holly Bobbit
Screenplay: Masamichi Kaneko, Hiroyuki Utatane
Country: Japan
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One of the highest-selling hentai titles of all time, Cool Devices gets off to a particularly promising start: its title sequence consists of a series of scantily-clad animated hotties moaning and gyrating as a series of tasteful neon slogans such as 'put your frankfurter in my honey pot', 'I'm ready for your prick' and the rather more direct 'let's fist fuck' are displayed.

Things hardly get less libidinous from there. The opening sequence consists of a woman being penetrated by a snake, and in the next a rubber-clad submissive wanders into a bar wearing an outfit that raises eyebrows, to say the least.

Over the course of this two-parter's 53-minute runtime several bondage themed tales are interwoven, and I must say it's all done rather well. Plenty of attention has been given to backgrounds and character designs (one memorable scene in which young women are used as furniture is particularly inventive), the costumes are out of this world, the couplings energetic: despite the abundance of pseudonyms in the credits this is actually an intense and highly competent study of the more extreme side of human sexuality. Or possibly just an excuse to drench a series of panting nubile vixens in come, but at any rate it works. On both levels.

The censorship is annoying – male genitalia in the first episode glow like light sabres and the semen is practically phosphorescent – but the whole spectacle is so wondrously over the top that it hardly matters. Plus the series was banned outright in Canada, so we should probably count ourselves lucky Volume 1 escaped the attentions of the usually over-rigorous Australian customs. Highly recommended for anime fans who like their heroines bound and gagged and their popshots elephantine.
Picture quality is quite good, if a little soft, colours are vibrant on the whole the series is extremely visually arresting. The aspect ratio is the usual 4:3.
The English and Japanese two-channel dubs are not without their faults: there is a slight lag in the audio, the soundtrack is a mindless electronic affair and the dialogue drops out on a least two occasions, though the English subtitles are error-free, which is something of a rarity for the genre.
Extra Features
A teaser trailer for Cool Devices 2, which looks to take the debauches to the next level, and a trailer for Girl Next Door. The promised art gallery and additional trailers are nowhere to be found; nor, incidentally, are two sequences touted on the back cover, one in which a pair of costumed Sapphics are 'punished for their forbidden passions' and another which involves a dalliance between two randy high school students.
The Verdict
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Overall Score
Despite a couple of misleading claims on the slick and the odd lapse in audio, Cool Devices is still an entertaining little romp which revels in a number of the more obscure sexual mores. If the Marquis de Sade were transported to 21st century Japan and put in charge of an animation studio, Cool Devices is what would result. Given that several episodes, or 'Operations,' have been prohibited for sale Down Under, lovers of this sort of smut should probably snap this one up while they still can.

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