Debbie Does Dallas… Again (2007)
By: J.R. McNamara on April 16, 2010  | 
Vivid | All Regions, NTSC | 1.85:1 (Non-anamorphic) | English DD 2.0 | 122 minutes (Full Specs)
The Movie
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Director: Paul Thomas
Starring: Stefani Morgan, Derrick Pierce, Monique Alexander, Lacie Heart, Sunny Leone, Courtney Simpson, Penny Flame
Country: USA
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The name Debbie Does Dallas is legendary. Like Deep Throat, even people with no interest in porn have heard of it. Those who are interested in genre cinema know it because it stars Cannibal Holocaust's Robert Kerman in a sex role, which is a disturbing thought, but what many don't know is the amount of sequels and like-name pornos there have been.

Oh, and a musical, and a comic.

Here we have 2007s entry in the series, which is titled Debbie Does Dallas… Again and is about two rival cheerleaders who are vying for the same man. Unfortunately, when a particularly difficult flip is done incorrectly one dies, but she makes a deal with an angel to inhabit another body for revenge.

And then they fuck a lot.

As you may expect this is fairly badly acted, until the sex starts, and then the big wet rubber academy awards should be handed out. The story is fairly nonsensical, but I doubt if anyone is worried about that when all they want to do is see hot chicks get impaled by big schlongs.

Debbie Does Dallas… Again is standard stuff, but in the extras department this disc shines with the inclusion of the original Debbie Does Dallas. Starring Bambi Woods and Richard Balla (aka Robert Kerman) it's badly scripted, badly acted, badly filmed, badly edited, but all over awesome. To a seventies trash fan, getting this as an extra is like buying The Empire Strikes Back and getting Star Wars for free to a regular nerd.

Debbie Does Dallas tells of Debbie Benton, who has been accepted to try out for the Texas Cowgirl cheerleaders, but her parents don't want her to go, and refuse to pay. Debbie's friends offer to help raise the money and take up part time jobs, but all of them seem to be raising something else… in their boss' pants! After an encounter with her boss Mr. Greenfield (Richard Balla), Debbie realizes that her and her friends can raise money by fucking anyone who will pay them. Interestingly enough, the word 'prostitution' isn't mentioned…

It's kitschy and there is so much bush that I expected Mike and Mal Leyland to turn up, but it is a nice addition to any seventies sleaze and cheese collection.
A decent image, every pimple and mole clearly evident, this is present in the non anamorphic 1.85:1 presentation that hangs in the middle of the screen with black bars all round.
The grunts, groans, squelching and splashing noises are presented in stereo only.
Extra Features

Two more discs worth of extras on this one:

Disc 2 comes with:

Bonus Scenes, features 6 sex scenes from other entries into the Debbie Does Dallas series: Debbie Does Dallas The Next Generation, Debbie Does Dallas 99, Debbie Does Iowa, Debbie Does New Orleans, Debbie Does Dallas: East Vs West and Debbie Does Dallas: The Revenge.

Behind the Scenes is just that. Not a 'how to make a porno', but just some behind the scenes tomfoolery, and rehearsal footage.

Extra Sex is basically longer scenes from the movie.

There are two Photo Galleries, one of naked chicks having sex, and the other is behind the scenes shots. Normally I am anti photo galleries, but I have to say I didn't mind these two: one because it features heaps of naked women, and the other cause it showed the horrible strain of being a camera man on these films.

Quickies (aka trailers) for Flasher, Cherry Bomb and Le Kink.

Disc 3 features the aforementioned Debbie Does Dallas.
The Verdict
If there was ever a reason to buy a DVD for its extras, this is it. The main feature is OK, but fairly similar to most modern porn fair (though the coffin fuck was something different). The main reason to buy this disc is for the copy of the original Debbie Does Dallas.
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