Sexy Angel vs. Train Man (2009)
By: Captain Red Eye on March 24, 2010  | 
MPIR | Region 3, NTSC | 1.85:1 (Non-anamorphic) | Japanese DD 2.0 | 74 minutes (Full Specs)
The Movie
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Director: Heitaro Ban
Starring: Io Asuka, Senka Izawa, Siji Karasawa, Shinji Yamaguchi
Country: Japan
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Kurihara Asitaori (Asuka Io) has long dreamed of being a nurse, and is thrilled to be starting a new job in a prestigious Tokyo hospital. Her first day takes an inauspicious turn when she is soundly groped by a pervert on the train but the young lass refuses to let even this dampen her spirits, showing admirable dedication to her chosen craft despite having just been digitally penetrated by a stranger.

Upon arrival at the near-empty ward, realism and the hiring of extras being evidently of little concern to director Heitaro Ban, Kurihara is introduced to bitchy head nurse Yayoi (Izawa Senka) and the handsome if libidinous Dr Moriyama. Neglecting to bother with trivialities such as showing Kurihara what to do or where the fire exits are the pair quickly head off to find some privacy, leaving the newcomer to her own devices.

Though it would appear irresponsible of Yayoi to leave Kurihara alone on her first day of work, Dr Moriyama certainly knows how to please a woman and she would be a fool not to take advantage of his practised attentions. The good doctor attacks her erogenous zones with gusto, slurping away at her nether regions like a starving man trying to shuck an oyster before shagging her in a variety of positions, demonstrating markedly more interest in his prick than in his patients. Though tame by gonzo standards the scene has a pleasingly realistic feel and Senka's enjoyment appears authentic; in fact the actress proves more adept at faking orgasm than delivering her lines. A bit of cursory administration follows, then Kurihara heads home to take a long hot soapy shower and masturbate while bemoaning her lack of love life.

Her second day starts off much like her first, and she is again assaulted by a faceless stranger on the train. Why she insists on wearing short skirts and crotchless panties is beyond me, but at least she can no longer complain about not getting any action. After a week of work Kurihara is rostered on for a night shift, and that's when things really take a turn for the worst.

First Moriyama lures her into his office and has his way with her, ignoring her naive and ill-translated assertion that 'I just want doctor to hug me.' He even coaxes a blowjob and some cowgirl out of the damsel, implying at least a modicum of complicity on her part. This could not be said to be the case when several nights later another young doctor named Ishihashi sneaks up on Kurihara, chloroforms her and drags her off to an empty room. When the would-be Florence Nightingale awakes she is shackled to a bed and gagged with duct tape. A video camera is pointed in her direction and the doc, seemingly in direct contravention of his Hippocratic Oath, is rudely fondling her breasts. In an additional bit of nonsense it also turns out Ishihashi is the one who's been routinely molesting her on the train. The scoundrel! To cut a shortish story even shorter he rapes her, after which there follows a rushed ten-minute coda in which Kurihara extracts a bit of revenge on those who have done her wrong. Though this isn't mentioned in the film, one presumes she then goes on to apply for a transfer to a different, less rape-friendly hospital.

I purchased Sexy Angel vs Train Man from DDDHouse on a whim and found it lurid, sleazy and downright exploitative. In short, it was everything I was hoping for. The sex is unrestrained and often non-consensual and though there is nary a popshot or hint of penetration in sight such scenes are far from tame. Io is a cute and demure choice of lead and does a splendid job in this, her first feature, while Senka is also quite the piece of tail. There are certainly worse ways to spend 74 minutes than watching the pair in various states of undress, and all in all Sexy Angel vs Train Man is a ribald and highly enjoyable bit of J-filth.
The picture is crystal clear and the transfer very good, though the camerawork tends towards the static and oftentimes gives a soap opera kind of feel. Thankfully there is, however, more than enough nudity to compensate for any technical deficiencies.
The Japanse 2.0 mix is clear and consistent, and though the subtitles are predictably erratic they prove more than adequate at conveying the mostly sordid sentiments being expressed throughout.
Extra Features
There are 'Stars Introductions' with both female leads. The first starts out innocently enough with Asuka Io being interviewed as to her measurements, blood type and other pertinent titbits presumably of interest to the typical Japanese film fan. Then, and this was most unexpected, it cuts to footage of Io in costume astride a hospital bed, where she proceeds to spend the next few minutes gyrating and masturbating, naked except for an unbuttoned shirt and starchy white nurses cap. I must say I found this a definite improvement on the sterile, pre-rehearsed interview technique favoured by so many actresses today. On the latter featurette Izawa Senka doesn't even bother with the aforementioned pleasantries, performing a lenghty striptease in her nurse's uniform before exposing her breasts and masturbating sensuously for some minutes both inside and outside her underwear.

This was an extremely thoughtful touch from Ban and an approach I wish was adopted by more Japanese directors. The DVD release of Cutie Honey, for instance, would have been immeasurably improved had attractive starlet Eriko Sato thought to get her knickers off. At any rate this is the high point of the bonus content, which I'm still awarding four out of five. Also included are trailers for fellow smut-fests The Temptation of Kimono, Golden Butterfly and Lustful Secretary, and a photo gallery consisting of ten or so risqué stills.
The Verdict
Definitely a must-see for nurse fetishists, lovers of all things Oriental and those collectors with a penchant for wacky Japanese curios. Perverts, in short. That means you.
Movie Score
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