Slaves to Passion (2001)
By: Captain Red Eye on February 3, 2010  | 
Hentai Collection (Australia). Region 4, NTSC. 4:3. English DD 2.0, Japanese DD 2.0. English Subtitles. 57 minutes
The Movie
Cover Art
Director: Kanzaburou Oda
Starring: Chiemi Takizawa, Kana Ooshima, Koeda Miki, Osamu Sanada, Shougo Kijima
Screenplay: Rokurota Makabe
Country: Japan
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Moody painter Juichiro is highly talented, but frankly a bit of a freak in the boudoir. His main source of artistic inspiration comes from tying up his submissive wife Reika and inserting things into her several willing body cavities. His virginal apprentice Ayamoto secretly watches these couplings, stroking himself to ecstasy with nary a passing thought as to who'll clean the stains off the bamboo mats he insists on repeatedly besmirching with his ample seed. Meanwhile young Karen, Reika's human pincushion of a little sister, derives her kicks from getting double teamed by a couple of local 'man-whores', as she puts it. Demure servant girl Kayuki doesn't shag anyone much at all, at least not until the second episode.

When the master of the house dies under mysterious circumstances, Reika mourns for about fifteen seconds before proceeding to get her fuck on with all and sundry. Ayamoto takes advantage of this state of affairs by suggesting a little rope bondage to his randy mistress, who judging by her vaginal secretions is more than pleased with his attentive ministrations. The boy sure is a fast learner! Surprisingly for someone repeatedly referred to as a slut and a whore, Karen proves the jealous type, and soon demands Ayamoto pay her some attention too. Oh and it turns out that Juichiro was Kayuki's biological father, and in the uncensored cut (with snippets retained in the end credits) it was implied he used to have his way with her, the cad.

More gonzo porn than anime, Slaves to Passion is a thoroughly enjoyable little perversion. The animation is generally strong, aside from the fact that character's mouths occasionally fail to move when they're talking, and the manner in which every female depicted is so unrelentingly up for it gives the amusing impression of the storyline having been crafted by a horny pubescent. Which, for all I know, it may well have been.

As is so often the case with Siren's hentai releases however, the subtitles are a fucking shambles. They appear several seconds after characters have spoken, and the grammar and punctuation are a disgrace (as a linguistically fussy prat, seeing the contraction for 'you are' written as 'your' and the like never fails to send me into apoplexy). The spacings are also extraordinarily irregular. The line 'I know you like bondage' is rendered 'I know you lik e bon dage'. After a while this engenders such a headache that all but the most stalwart despiser of foreign dubs will be switching over to the English audio.

Originally refused classification in early 2008, the censored R4 version still contains a pleasing amount of smut, including fisting, cumshots, graphically depicted double penetrations and a rather sordid screenplay. One notable line, "The more I look at her ass the more I want to fuck it", is promptly met with the logical rejoinder "Stop talking and hurry up and fuck my little ass". Karen's idea of a pickup line, furthermore, is "I think you'll find it worthwhile to explore my body." If only the nubile cutie who works at my local bakery had the same predilection for risqué repartee!

Although I certainly enjoyed this squalid affair, I still don't really understand the purpose of hentai. Do people actually masturbate to it? An acquaintance of mine is currently undergoing treatment for a lifelong sex addition, and even he drew the line at jacking off to a cartoon. Nay, I don't really comprehend it. I just know that for some reason I'm glad it exists.
Seen one Siren hentai release, seen 'em all. As per usual the definition is quite good, picture quality generally crisp and clear if a little soft in places, and the backgrounds lush and for some reason more detailed than the characters they are supposed to be projecting. No grain either, and the colours are consistent and full.
As ever the Japanese voice actors run rings around their pseudonymously credited English counterparts, who do a serviceable if not extraordinary job. The sound effects are pretty much limited to moaning, whipping and the distractingly insistent sound of vibrators, fingers and other appendages urgently entering a variety of lady-holes. I'd love to know how they make that noise. By plonking a carrot over and over into a bowl of cold porridge? I'll work it out one day.
Extra Features
Yes, this one actually has bonus features, in the form of a few fairly amusing audio outtakes from the American woman who voiced Karen. Also included are a photo gallery and three trailers, including one for a hilarious looking animated effort titled Anyone You Can Do I Can Do Better.
The Verdict
Movie Score
Disc Score
Overall Score
What filth! About the only perversions missing are rape and father/daughter incest and they even tried to include those in the original cut. Although apparently it's fine to show two sisters frantically going down on each other.

Anyway, more sex scenes than you can shake an erect penis at and a borderline cogent narrative make this one the strongest inclusions thus far in the Siren hentai oeuvre.

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