Meiking: Part 1 (2000)
By: Captain Red Eye on December 23, 2009  | 
Hentai Collection (Australia). Region 4, PAL. 4:3. English DD 2.0, Japanese DD 2.0. English Subtitles. 71 minutes
The Movie
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Starring: Youji Murai, Youji Murai, Erina Inoue, Reiko Chiba
Screenplay: Rokurota Makabe
Country: Japan
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Unremarkable country boy Cain is searching for one of his lost sheep in a cave when he stumbles across a vase containing a trapped fairy named Elise. As luck would have it Elise is a big-breasted and highly attractive creature with a near-total disregard for clothing, and further to this appears eager to obey Cain's every command. Grateful at having been freed from her centuries of entombment, the sprite directs Cain to a nearby cottage, where the nubile Princess Charlotte is being held captive by some rogues. The lad rescues Charlotte and is promptly rewarded with land and titles. For reasons that are not explained, he is then given five years 'to make his land the most prosperous in the country'. Should he succeed, he'll have a chance at wedding the fair royal. Failure will mean returning to a life of tending sheep and, presumably, instructing the ever-willing Elise in the finer points of fellatio.

One balmy eve the region's peaceful villagers are threatened by a troupe of marauding bandits. Though Cain is momentarily concerned he has more pressing issues to attend to, such as dousing his numerous lovers in a seemingly indefatigable supply of semen. And from there, sadly, the narrative loses focus. At one point, for no discernable reason, Princess Charlotte dons a Cutie Honey-style ensemble and flings herself from the castle's roof to deliver a rousing speech to the townsfolk before promptly fainting. There are some allusions to a disputed territory, a bit of swordplay and loads more indiscriminate shagging. Then, despite barely running an hour, it's all over and time to fork out for Part 2.

Like most of Siren's hentai releases this could have been great. Character designs are generally varied and thoughtful, the plot arc is expansive and the storyline has a nice fantasy element, with elves, slaves, villagers and swordswomen all intermingling in various states of undress. Then, this being Hentai, it all begins to go wrong. The subtitles become riddled with spelling errors ("I'm not afraig to gie"), the storyline peters out after twenty minutes and there is a noticeable amount of recycled animation. It's as if everyone involved lost interest by the start of the second episode. Sadly, so did I.
Presented full frame (4:3) and riddled with cartoon cumshots, Meiking appears to have had only one lurid moment, in which a shackled slave is digitally penetrated by her owner, excised by censors. Strangely enough a brief rape scene has been left intact.

The animation is consistently excellent, with the exception of the fact that in profile the characters bear a disconcerting resemblance to hedgehogs and are occasionally drawn out of proportion to each other. In one notable scene the randy Cain appears to be fucking a giantess. Nonetheless this is, visually, one of the stronger efforts in the Siren hentai canon, although the tarted-up stills on the box cover are markedly more vibrant than the actual source material.
The usual minimalist affair, with English and Japanese 2.0 audio on offer and servicable if unspectacular music and effects. No real directionality, but the clarity of both tracks is ample.
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A curious pot pourri of biblical, medieval, fantasy and pornographic imagery, Meiking had all the makings of a genre classic, and with only one sex scene in the first episode furthermore appeared to have legitimate artistic pretentions. The idea of a pornographic fairytale was a nice touch, and a welcome break from the usual Hentai storyline which takes place almost entirely in the one locale.

Unfortunately however it all too quickly descended into a confusing fuckfest. Still, 20 to 25 minutes of genuine entertainment is good going by Siren hentai standards.

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