Truck Stop (1978)
By: J.R. McNamara on November 23, 2009  | 
MVD (USA). Region 1, NTSC. 2.35:1 (Non-anamorphic). English DD 2.0. 90 minutes
The Movie
Cover Art
Cover Art
Director: Jean-Marie Pallardy
Starring: Nikki Gentile, Elizabeth Turner, Ajita Wilson, Annik Borel
Screenplay: Jean-Marie Pallardy, Oscar Righini
Country: France
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Those of us who enjoy pornography from the days of yore all look fondly on the seventies. With the sexual revolution kicking into high gear and porno becoming somewhat mainstream thanks to the success of films like Deep Throat, it certainly gave us some interesting films. One of the reasons I like this period in porno is that seeing as how sex cinema had become more permissive, porno couldn't just be seen as unrelated shots of people fucking. No, there had to be some sort of story involved, and a reason for those who were engaging in the sexual arts to be doing so.

Both hardcore and soft core porno from this time steal quite regularly from 'legitimate' film and traditional storylines. There were porno versions of Alice in Wonderland and Pinnochio, and porno today still steals from these sources, as is evident by such films as Forrest Hump, Black to the Future, Cockwork Orange, The XXXorcist, Not Another Porno Movie and A Nightmare on Dyke Street.
I swear to you, I didn't make any of those names up!
Truck Stop, a soft core porno by ex-model Jean-Marie Pallardy is a part of this tradition, being based on Homer's The Odyssey. In the film, Pallardy himself plays a trucker named Eugene (though he is referred to at least once as Ulysses), who is lost in the desert after his co-driver Jeff (Jean-Claude Strömme) goes off course in the persuit of lesbian sirens whose song leads him astray. The two eventually find themselves living in an oasis owned by Calypso (Ajita Wilson) where their every sexual desire is satiated, but the outside world deems them as lost.
Meanwhile, back at the truck stop run by his partner, Pamela (Elizabeth Turner) the men who frequent there are getting antsy. With Eugene being lost for so long they decide it is time for her to choose a new suitor. She of course first resists, but not having had sex for years has made her more to speak. She decides the best way to find her a new man is for the men to prove themselves to her, and so she gives them a series of tasks that they must perform. The winner, of course, gets her.

Eugene though has tired of living in an oasis where every act of sexual conduct is permitted, and he and Jeff leave.... crazy, I know! Of course they have to find their way out of the desert, over some obstacles like a gang of thieves and a 'cyclops', to get back to the truck stop and Pamela, but can they make it before she choose a new partner?
Truly an example of subpar filmmaking, even by 70s soft core porn standards. When Eugene's truck emerges from the desert after being lost for a year you can clearly see a house on a rise in the background, another example is a fight that takes place in a body of water, which was obviously deemed a bit dark by the director, so a reflector is clearly used to highlight the actors fighting, so it seems as though they are going the biff under a spotlight.
Also, for a film that is supposed to be sexy, it fails miserably. For the most part the girls are all lovely, but the performed sexual acts are clearly fake most of the time and the gents in the film look like they are about 20 years older than the girls, with all having some degree of sweaty, balding desperation to them. At times I felt like I was watching my grandfather attempting to pork the hot 20 year old who works behind the bar at my local pub. In actual fact, for a film that is supposed to be a sex film, the men in it spend more time in some of the worst staged fisticuffs seen outside of a WWE amateur bout.
It's not all bad news though, some of Pallardy's juxtapositions are amusing: the large truck making its way carefully through tight streets while two of the truck's occupants engage in anal sex is quite funny, in a Dick Emery kind of a way, that is. Some of the attempts at comedy are just weird as well, particularly the slap fight between a male and female character, that starts off amusing, but just seems... odd, and a little bit misogynistic. Most of the humour is incredibly vaudevillian, and will be lucky to raise a smile. One thing for sure though, this film will not raise your temperature!
Not the greatest image in the world. It is extraordinarily uneven, at times clear and at others quite soft, and the colors are washed out. It is also prone to a fair amount of artifacts, but not so much that it distracts from the naked women. The cover claims this is a remastered version of the film, so the original material must have been terrible. The film is presented in 2.35:1 but is not 16:9 enhanced. 
To start off, the dubbing is daft: generic American stereotypes, and character names changes are just the mildest part of this discs sound issues. The stereo track drops out here and there but it does have one of the greatest generic 'Boom tikka wah wah' scores ever, which is occasionally spoilt by some of the most ridiculous honky tonk crap ever.
Extra Features
Interview: The Erotic Diary of Jean-Marie Pallardy is an interesting series of career reflections by Pallardy. His amusement at his career is apparent, and hsi stories are all fairly interesting.

Trailers: features trailers for My Body Burns, Lucky Lucky and the Daltines, Gunfight at the OQ Corral, Erotic Diary of a Lumberjack and Truck Stop.
Jean-Marie Pallardy's Personal Photo Gallery: As much as I don't like stills galleries, I didn't mind this one as it had far sexier stuff in it that what could be seen in Truck Stop!!
The Verdict
Truck Stop is a quaint, but wholly unfulfilling example of 70s soft core porno. Give me Russ Meyer any day.
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