Kilink Istanbul'da (1967)
By: Devon B. on August 31, 2009  | 
Onar Films (Greece). All Regions, PAL. 4:3. . Turkish 2.0 Mono. 70 minutes
The Movie
Cover Art
Director: Yilmaz Atadeniz
Starring: Irfan Atasoy, Pervin Par, Muzaffer Tema, Suzan Avci
Screenplay: Çetin Inanç
Country: Turkey
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I wasn't familiar with the Kilink character before purchasing Kilink Istanbul'da, but what I've gleaned from the back of the DVD is that Kilink is a Turkish anti-hero based on the Italian comic strip character named Killing. The bit that gets confusing is that Killing is himself a knock-off of Kriminal, another Italian hero. Whew.

Kilink (not Killing or Kriminal) is a super villain who dresses in a costume that is designed to look like a skeleton. Like Bad Religion, Kilink wants to conquer the world, and he knows a professor who has a formula that will enable this. Kilink kills the professor, and the professor's son vows revenge. Here's where things get interesting. A dude who looks like Moses appears and turns the son into a psuedo-Superman, dubbed with the rather banal name Superhero. To access his powers, Superhero says "Shazam!" just to rip off yet another comic character. To prove his awesome strength, Superhero picks up a rock. Well, he says it's a rock, but it's clearly a bit of board with some stripes painted on it. Kilink and Superhero get ready for a mighty show down, but the film is a cliffhanger, so if you want to see what happens, make sure you get the Kilink Strip and Kill DVD as well.

Kilink Istanbul'da is another bit of Turkish delight making its DVD debut thanks to Onar films. The DVD was a limited edition to start with, but due to some confusion around the copyright one of the copyright owners has successfully halted the further sale of the disc. It does seem a bit ironic given the film's liberal borrowing of others' work, but if you know where to look you may still find a copy for sale. Be quick because...

…this movie is fucken awesome like Spiderbait. If you thought the mask work was interesting in Mission Impossible, wait till you see Kilink remove a disguise! It's the best freeze frame moment outside of The Simpsons. If that's not funny enough for you, Superhero's outfit is nothing short of spectacular. He's got a Superman S, striped undies, an Adam West style batman mask (minus the ears) and a cape. There's even something for fans of Japanese cinema, because, while the film's nowhere near as sleazy as the Razor series, it appears Kilink learned how to interrogate women from ol' Hanzo.

Kilink Istanbul'da is a marvel of cheapness and audacity. You may not always know what's going on, but you should remain entertained if you like to laugh at others as opposed to with them.
Kilink Istanbul'da is presented full frame. The print is scratchy, grainy and dirty. Imagine the worst print of Night of the Living Dead you've ever seen, and you might be close. Still, it's a rare film, and may never look any better.
Kilink Istanbul'da is presented in 2.0 Turkish mono. The volume is a bit loud, and there're some weird popping noises. The sound is distorted and sometimes drops out. There're English or Greek subs, and the English ones sometimes miss a few lines of dialogue. The Greek ones may too, but I can't read Greek so didn't check.
Extra Features
The DVD comes with filmographies for Ylimaz Atadeniz and the Kilink the character, who in one film apparently battles Frankenstein. There's also a photo gallery and trailers for 3 Dev Adam, Super Adam Istanbul'da (if the trailer is anything to go by, the film deserves some kind of award for pointless acrobatics mid fight) and Supermen Dönüyor.
The Verdict
If you've enjoyed other Onar superhero DVDs, this is another one you'll want to acquire. It would've been nice if the next feature were included on this disc, because of the cliffhanger, but you get the next two films in the series on the follow up release, so I guess it evens out.
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