Agent 69 Jensen Double Feature (1977/1978)
By: Devon B. on August 25, 2009  | 
Smirk (USA). All Regions, NTSC. 1.78:1 (16:9 enhanced). Danish DD 2.0. English Subtitles. 175 minutes
The Movie
Cover Art
Director: Werner Hedman
Starring: Ole Søltoft, Poul Bundgaard, Anna Bergman, Karl Stegger, Judy Gringer, Else Petersen, Torben Bille, Søren Strømberg
Screenplay: Werner Hedman, Edmondt Jensen
Country: Denmark
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Furthering the cause of morphing Digital Retribution into a hardcore porn site, here're two Danish skin flicks. While there is hardcore action in both films, it should be noted that these aren't your standard porno movies.

Agent 69 Jensen - In the Sign of Sagittarius opens with a naked woman on a rotating wheel. It's the usual circus act of someone shooting arrows at an assistant, but this is a naked woman who's spread eagle, so I'll give you one guess where one of the arrows ends up. The film is pretty manic, but the story is that there are some rocket blueprints hidden in a powder box. To prevent the blueprints falling into the wrong hands there're also a few decoy powder boxes. The powder boxes get hidden on various passengers on a flight, and the rest of the movie is different agents from different organizations trying to locate the blueprints that are with one of the passengers.

Despite having his name in the title, Agent 69 takes a half hour to turn up, but he is fairly amusing. His boss looks a lot like Robbie Coltrane, but thankfully is cast in a non-sex role. The acting is exaggerated and comical, and the film is pretty silly. It's a low rent spy movie screwball comedy which by the end has degenerated into Benny Hill style madness. The spy technology is cheap, as are the wacky costumes, but the production values are higher than the average porno from the 70s.

Speaking of porno, while there are a few hardcore snippets, it's about 45 minutes before the first extended hardcore sequence, and even that scene is interrupted. One older or prematurely grey guy gets most of the action in the film until the finale set in a unique health clinic. In short, this is a comedy spy movie first, a porno second. It might be a great film to watch with someone who's not quite sure about hardcore sex films because this is really just a sex comedy with actual sex (at times).

It becomes clear very early on in the next film, Agent 69 Jensen – In the Sign of the Scorpio, that this film is actually earlier in the series despite being disc number two. One of the spies from Sagittarius is introduced in a mistaken identity plot that lands him a job as an agent. Evidently his mother was also a spy, and she must've found the fountain of youth while she was out in the field 'cause she looks younger than her son.

Anyway, Jensen turns up much quicker this time, and Robbie's right there with him. Jensen has had an "incident" at the Russian embassy, and has been relegated to an undercover op in a health food store. He gets his chance to redeem himself when he is put in charge of guarding a CIA microfilm, along with the aforementioned mistaken identity guy. To prevent the microfilm falling into the wrong hands there're also a few decoy bags … hang on, this is sounding very familiar.

The plot isn't the only familiar element. Again the film is brimming with madcap humour, some of it very funny like when the greatest enemy to Denmark is revealed to be none other than Norway, or the villain who always rips some of his assistants' clothing when he's upset and the women all stand around in various states of undress. There's lots of nudity, and a smattering of hardcore. There's a gap of over 40 minutes between the first hardcore scene and the second, so don't be buying this one if you're just after penetration shots, either. The grey haired agent that kept getting lucky in the other film turns up here as a sheik, and even gets a pop-shot, the only one of either feature.

If you were always wishing a Carry On film would occasionally go all the way (and be Danish), this set may just be what you've always wanted.
I wasn't expecting much for a Danish sex comedy, but both films are remarkably well preserved. The print is a little soft, and there're a few blemishes, but otherwise the print is clean and clear. Stock footage is used at times and is much worse and is heavily grainy, but the main features are both surprisingly good. Unfortunately that makes it easier to spot the wires in a few scenes. The second film is mostly the same quality, but there are a few overlit scenes. This didn't look like a transfer issue, but a problem with the source material.
A few different languages get bandied around, but mostly the films are presented in a Danish 2.0 track. The tracks seemed fine, but I was reading subs, not having to listen to what was being said. The subs translate English language dialogue, too, which is a bit weird.
Extra Features
Both discs contain a roughly two and a half minute slideshow on their respective features.
The Verdict
Sex comedies aren't usually my cup of tea, but I did laugh quite a few times in both of these features. They're virtually identical in terms of structure, but if you're going for one over the other, Scorpio is better simply because Jensen is fairly amusing and is in that one more.
Movie Score
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Overall Score

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