Porn-O-Rama (1992)
By: Devon B. on June 2, 2009  | 
Private Screening Collection (USA). All Regions, NTSC. 4:3. English DD 2.0. 150 minutes
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Director: Paul Norman
Starring: Ron Jeremy, Alexis De Vell, Chantilly Lace, Shayla LaVeaux, Jon Dough
Country: USA
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If you've had the displeasure of reading any of my reviews aside from this one, you may have noticed I've covered a few porno titles. This may create the impression that I am au fait with porn, but the reality is the material reviewed at Digital Retribution would make up at least 90% of the porn I've seen. Despite this, I've always had a fascination with the industry, and while that doesn't always translate into watching adult films, I certainly have an interest in things that examine the porn industry. So while I was keen to see Porn-O-Rama, the reality is the only two people I know in the series are host Ron Jeremy and interviewee Peter North. Jeremy I know more from his non-sex films like They Bite, Orgazmo, and Detroit Rock City, and Peter North it turns out I only knew by name, 'cause I never woulda recognised him. So, if you're a fan of porn from the era Porn-O-Rama was made, you may get more out of this than I did, but I wouldn't say I was bored, anyway.

Porn-O-Rama is a five part series that delved behind the scenes on the making of a porno movie. There're no actual penetration shots, but there're lots of scenes of people having sex. I think the series was shot on the locations of two movies, one of which involves vampires that literally suck the life out of people. After much research I've decided that film must be a film called Hungry. Or Hungry 2: Night Feast, released the same year.

The first episode was a real let down, as it's full of very generic stuff and the performers are all still in persona while being asked about what they get up to in their private sex lives. This often just comes down to the question from Ron, "Do you do anal?"

Things pick up a bit in the second episode where cast and crew are asked what their friends and relatives think of their jobs. Persona is still prevalent but is lessened here, with one woman saying she would advise her future children to stay out of the industry. The big surprise of the series came for me when North, a name so big in porn even I knew it, said his family don't really know what he does. The second part of this episode is about filming the dialogue, which can be amusing as the stars whinge about their few lines.

Episode three focuses on alternate careers the stars have had and then goes into a general behind the scenes look at other jobs on the set.

The fourth episode is perhaps the most interesting, and starts out by looking at couples in the industry and how the stars handle jealousy before moving on to locations for shooting.

Episode five is a bit of a weird one because the first section is about when things go wrong. Because there's no hardcore footage, people have to describe what's messed up on set. It's like bloopers without the bloop. There's also some discussion of things that can typically go wrong. Then the series wraps up by looking at peripherals to the film like managers, agents, people involved in retail, and porn historian Jim Holiday.

Even by the second episode, little snippets were repeating from the first, and this continues on through the series. If there's something you see a moment of that you're interested in but it is really quick, hang in there 'cause it may come up again in more detail. By the final episode the repeats had gotten quite annoying, and my partner, who didn't actually watch the show with me but would come into the room occasionally while it was on, began asking why I was watching the same thing over and over.

Given Porn-O-Rama was made pre-DVD, it was probably an interesting supplement to a raincoaters hardcore vids. Some of the novelty may be gone due to DVD special features, but it's still worth a look for porn fans, though it might've done better as a tightened up stand alone doco instead of a series that keeps covering the same ground.
This isn't one for you techies to show off your equipment with. The series was shot on the same cameras that shot the adult movies, so this looks like a 90s porno would…I assume.
The audio is also captured using the equipment on hand on the set, so some of the talking is really quiet. The sound seemed to get worse in episode five, but generally you can hear everything that's said.
Extra Features
For a series all about the use of the sausage, you'd think we'd get something here. But, no, not a sausage.
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As a bit of a time capsule Porn-O-Rama is interesting. I don't know that I'd sit down and watch the whole series in a row again, but there was enough that was engaging to keep me interested in watching the next episode. It could've done with some tightening, but that can be said of a lot of TV series when they're viewed back to back on DVD. It's hard to score the DVD presentation 'cause I doubt there was much to work with in the source material, but then a retrospective look at the series might've been nice instead of this bare bones treatment.

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