Hated (1994)
By: Devon B. on March 6, 2009  | 
Shock (Australia). All Regions, PAL. 4:3. English DD 5.0, English DD 2.0. 52 minutes
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Director: Todd Phillips
Starring: GG Allin, Merle Allin, Dino Sex, William Weber, Unk, Chicken John, Dee Dee Ramone
Country: USA
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I first heard about GG Allin in Joe Bob Brigg's We Are The Weird publication. It was a review (or rather a cobbled together collection of several reviews) of Hated, which one viewer decided was too insane to be real so must be a hardcore variation on This Is Spinal Tap. The video was released through Film Threat, and when I bought it, they'd run out of covers. They said to just remind them that they owed me one, but I never did. The tape was the main thing, because I would delight in showing people GG's antics, and my sister quickly grew to hate Hated because it was the movie "where the chick pees in that guy's mouth." She also didn't like Braindead, the movie "where the woman eats her ear."

Since then I've gotten far more interested in music docos (American Hardcore may soon become my most watched movie ever) and I am more familiar with GG. I still find myself fascinated with him, but at the same time wonder if paying him attention isn't just an exploitation of someone with a mental illness. Regardless, Hated is a mesmerizing glimpse at his life, and should be of interest to those into punk, docos, punk docos, and disgusting uses of bodily excretions. Some of the freakshow impact may be lost thanks to shows like Jackass, but GG's rage will still shake most viewers.

Hated was meant to be Todd Phillips' senior film project, but Phillips knew his film deserved more than the 10 minutes his school wanted. However, this meant he had to stretch the film's already meagre budget, so this film is raw as fuck. But raw seem an appropriate way to chronicle GG, so I don't mind that archive footage is presented by filming a TV playing the clips and the sound often distorts on the live songs.

Very early on in Hated, GG is naked and beating his head repeatedly with a microphone (a trick many an extreme musician has tried to replicate over the years). Next GG takes what looks like a raw hotdog out of a girl's ass and sucks on it. If you're put off by that, be warned that there is more to come.

The film doesn't really have a focus on any one event, even though it's supposedly a documenting of a tour the band's doing, it's more of a snapshot of the life of GG and his band. GG isn't the only memorable person in the film. There's his brother Merle who seems to have a moustache designed to fill in the gap in GG's own and Dino the naked percussionist who does nothing to dispel the weird drummer stereotype. Unk is a huge fan of GG that delights in telling stories of the excess he's witnessed and scores the movie's funniest moment with a slip of the tongue. Bitter ex-guitarist Chicken John is, well, bitter and Dee Dee Ramone also makes a fleeting appearance.

The film captures a bit of GG's life, detailing the pitfalls of touring, GG's claims he was going to kill himself on stage, and of course provides some crazy footage of GG's shows. Two of the most confronting moments are actually spoken word performances. One shows just how messed up in the head GG was as he cuts himself and assaults a woman, the other shows him as a disgusting prankster paying little regard to anything but his own sense of exhibitionism. Hated is often humorous in a bleak sort of way, and seems to present an accurate representation of GG, or at least his persona. Phillips does a great job at neither demonising or glorifying his subjects, showing strong directorial skills that I'm sure served him well when he went on to direct Ben Stiller and Tom Green. Hated is sad, funny, disgusting, and oddly humanising and dehumanising all at once.

GG was the destructive, nihilistic, anarchist element of punk taken to the limit, and while that's not an element of punk I like, I certainly find GG a very intriguing figure. His music was often simple, stomping and repetitious, with vicious, completely un-PC lyrics launched at the listener with an overwhelming vehemence. My response is often to laugh in disbelief at what GG's doing or saying, and Hated is a great primer for anyone curious about the man who is now a legend.

The Hated DVD is rated R18+ for "disturbing themes and images." Don't take that lightly.
The image is presented in the correct ratio of 1.33:1. The film has been cleaned up, but is still a very low budget doco, and as such has spots and grain.
The slick says there's a 5.1 mix, but it came up on my player as 5.0. I assume that's some sort of weird glitch. Regardless, the sound has been cleaned up for this track, but a 5.1 mix isn't really necessary here. The 2.0 channel track is louder, which I felt keeps the film more in your face, which is helpful during the live sets.
Extra Features
The extras on the disc kick off with an interview with Merle and Dino that runs a little over an hour. Merle does the bulk of the talking, but they discuss music and the film and give a bit more info on Dee Dee's involvement. This interview was great for me, a curious observer of GG, and I'm sure hardcore fans will love it even if they already know some of the facts. The cover lists three music videos as extras, and this is actually a montage of three songs done live over a variety of shows, further showcasing just how nutzoid GG could go (though there's nothing quite like the final show in the film). A brief interview with GG and Merle's mom is actually very interesting, where she explains GG's rather bizarre Christian name and talks about his youth a bit. I was expecting someone shocked and horrified, but in the true sense of unconditional love, she comes off as respecting what GG and Merle did with themselves. The disc also has a collection of art from the contest to design the cover of this new special edition DVD, and some of the art is also featured on the reverse of the slick. Lastly, there're two commentary tracks. The sound on the one with Merle and Dino echoes and has some overly loud volume levels. The men refute some of the things in the film, but mostly crack jokes, some of which are funny, some of which aren't. When they do relay information it is interesting, and again, hardcore fans of GG and the Murder Junkies should love this. Phillips provides a better commentary track. He discusses things like the story behind the film; how he had to manipulate the documentary format in a few minor ways; and, surprisingly, that Merle was more difficult during the shooting than GG. Phillips does mention some footage from the last ever GG Allin show being included on the DVD, footage that evidently shows GG a bit more cheerful and upbeat, a glimpse behind the act. Unfortunately, that footage was actually on the LAST special edition DVD, and hasn't made it onto this one.
The Verdict
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Hated is a well made, albeit cheap, documentary about the antics of a truly insane punk rock icon. That alone will make it invaluable to thousands world wide, but even people who aren't interested in punk (and have STRONG stomaches) should take a look at this truly fascinating film about a man constantly on the edge. The only complaint I have about the actual film is that it doesn't run longer, but the length was dictated by finance. It's a shame the extra footage of the last show didn't make it across, otherwise this would be a five Australia DVD.

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