Re-Cycle (2006)
By: Devon B. on February 19, 2009  | 
Force Entertainment. All Regions, PAL. 2.35:1 (16:9 enhanced). Cantonese DD 5.1. English Subtitles. 104 minutes
The Movie
Cover Art
Director: Oxide Pang,
Danny Pang
Starring: Lee Sinje, Ekin Cheng, Lawrence Chou
Screenplay: Pang Brothers, Cub Chin, Sam Lung, Thomas Pang
Country: Thailand
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A lot of people got on the Pang brothers' dicks after The Eye, but honestly I can't remember that movie at all. I get it confused with Visible Secret (a case of too many Hong Kong horror movies in one week, methinks), but I don't recall thinking either film was outstanding by any means. The Eye (or Visible Secret) had a good scene with a ghost in a lift, but otherwise I considered both of the movies forgettable. But, I thought maybe I was too quick to judge, so I gave the Pang Brothers another go with Re-Cycle.

In the film, a successful romance novelist has been pushed into writing a supernatural book. She makes the mistake of saying she'd like a supernatural experience to enable her to write what she knows, and goes home to find hair too long to be hers in her flat. Spooooky. She starts getting phone calls, and generally sensing a presence in her home. The haunting escalates and she is most certainly inspired for her book, but it seems there's a connection between what she's trying to write and what's happening to her. Eventually she is literally drawn into another world filled with danger, and, being an Asian horror film, ghosts.

My wife is easily scared, so if a ghost movie leaves her undisturbed, it has failed. Re-Cycle fails. This is a ponderous, pompous, overblown and underwhelming film. It's large scale but it seems like a merging of Silent Hill, The Langoliers, and Narnia. Yes, Narnia. I was almost expecting a Jesus lion to appear at times. Re-Cycle heaps on the weirdness, but forgets to include some entertainment. There are some strong visuals, and the CG is mostly okay, but some of the designs, like the long neck ghosts, needed rethinking. This is a bit of a spoiler, but if you haven't worked it out well before the heroine you're a fucktard: Ultimately how you feel about the film may come down to how you feel about abortion. This may be a bit of social commentary particular to China, but it just seemed like more preachiness to me.

I don't know what keeps bringing me back to Asian horror, as I usually don't like it. I get tired of every fucking movie being about a ghost, and the stories are often interchangeable. I guess I think the ghosts look cool, and when that female ghost with the hair over her face thing is done right, it's unsettling. The most unsettling thing about Re-Cycle was the time I lost in watching it.
The print is pretty sharp, but there is some slight blurring. There're some specks, and clarity is lost in the blacks. Colours can look muted, but that's probably intentional.

The subs are a pain in the arse: very fast and with odd errors and wording. They seem to have been ported from a Hong Kong DVD. Also, there's some weird bug that causes punctuation to sometimes be replaced with "°K," and that just makes the whole movie even more confusing.
The audio is presented in a 5.1 mix, which doesn't do much until the author is being chased around in the alternate world. The score is loud.
Extra Features
Just the trailer, with imbedded subs. Remember those? I might've preferred them to the °K subs.
The Verdict
The poor translation on this disc makes it hard to recommend. The movie's not worth the trouble of taking the disc back each time the subs zip by before you can read them or as you try to figure out who this °K character is that everyone keeps mentioning.
Movie Score
Disc Score
Overall Score

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