Slaughter Night (2006)
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Accent Underground (Australia). All Regions, PAL. 1.85:1 (16:9 enhanced). Dutch DD 5.1, Dutch DD 2.0. English Subtitles. 89 minutes
The Movie
Director: Frank van Geloven, Edwin Visser
Starring: Victoria Koblenko, Kurt Rogiers, Jop Joris, Linda van der Steen, Steve Hooi
Screenplay: Frank van Geloven, Edwin Visser
Country: Netherlands
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SL8N8 is translated as Slaughter Night on the DVD cover and the film itself. This led me to believe that perhaps SL8 was like saying Str8 H8 or sk8er. I don't speak Dutch, but I do speak some German. That may seem like a non sequitur, but I had enough bootlegs back in the day that were "Nederlands ondertiteld" to realise the languages had just enough in common for me to be distracted by those Dutch subtitles because I had a vague comprehension of what was being written. So, thought I, in German eight is acht, which would make the film title Slacht Nacht. Nacht is German for night, so I felt I was on the right track. My suspicions were further confirmed when in the film, Mad fold-in style, the word "slacht" appears and startles someone and is then unfolded to say "slaap zacht" which is "sleep tight." True to form, I felt it better to write a whole paragraph of supposition rather than actually just look up the answer to this query, but no matter what, calling your movie SL8N8 is dumb. I was under the impression SL8N8 was a gory slasher, so I wasn't too perturbed, as sometimes those are best when they are dumb. Not this time.

The movie opens with flashes of a child killing spree one man committed in 1857. He gets killed and then we're off to the present day where a young woman is planning on ending her study to go travel with friends. Her father finds out, and while chastising her he forgets to drop five and arrive alive. She survives the accident, but is understandably a bit sad. She finds some of her father's work involving the aforementioned child murderer, and it seems an ethereal presence is steering her into looking further into the case. She ends up taking her friends down the mine shaft where the murderer died, but that wasn't a good idea, even though it's not Valentine's Day.

I was expecting more of a slasher from SL8N8, but it's actually that horror movie story staple: A bunch of people get possessed and hack each other up. Sometimes this makes for an enjoyable movie, like with Demons. Sometimes it's not such a good idea, like with Demons 2. SL8N8 is somewhere in between those two on the entertainment scale. The film is slow to get going, and a quote on the slick warned me of that, but it also indicated things were going to get very wet. While there is gore, the quote had me expectant of a lot more mayhem than I got.

The cast are all passable for the most part, even though they're usually playing annoying youths, and the direction is competent. The movie has that herky-jerky motion that happens when there're quick movements on screen. This has been present a lot in the last few years. When I first noticed this, in 28 Days Later, I thought it was an okay stylised touch, but now I'm really over it, as it makes it harder to tell what's going on. Exacerbating this in SL8N8 is the shaky camera work that I guess was supposed to make the viewer feel like they were…actually I dunno what the intention was, unless it was to make you feel like you were watching a movie where the cameraman thought it would be fun to play earthquake.

There's potential here, but ultimately SL8N8 is a bit of a let down, and may have been better if it had just focused on the events of 1857.
The print is sharp, but as I said I've decided I don't like whatever is being done on these movies to reduce the fluidity of motion. There is some grain in darker scenes.
Dutch 5.1 or 2.0 with optional English subs. The 5.1 is naturally the preferable track, allowing for a better impression of being down the mine. A few lines are left untranslated, and there're a few mistakes in the subs.
Extra Features
Not a lot, just the trailer and trailers for other áccent titles.
The Verdict
Worth a look for those into the possessed slasher genre, but it won't be replacing Evil Dead in my Halloween rotation.
Movie Score
Disc Score
Overall Score

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