Steel Trap (2007)
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Accent Underground (Australia). All Regions, PAL. 1.78:1 (16:9 enhanced). English DD 5.1, English DD 2.0. 88 minutes
The Movie
Director: Luis Cámara
Starring: Georgia Mackenzie, Mark Wilson, Pascal Langdale, Julia Ballard, Joanna Bobin
Screenplay: Luis Cámara, Gabrielle Galanter
Country: Germany
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There aren't a whole lot of New Year's Eve horror movies, perhaps because filmmakers know they won't be able to create anything scarier than your last New Year's hangover!

Steep Trap is set on New Year's Eve at this party in an abandoned building. A few of the people there get a text about a second, presumably better, party hidden on a different floor. They arrive at the second party to find that their host has given them all nametags with an insult on them. There're some cakes there, and someone eats one. Okay, this is a horror movie, so you know that's stupid, but even if it wasn't a horror movie, if someone insults you then offers you food, wouldn't you worry about it? Maybe there's not poison in there, but unless you know all of the ingredients in the icing, would you really want to eat it? Anyway, then the characters go on a treasure hunt, and even after it's revealed their host has, at the very least, a macabre sense of humour, they still carry on. These thickos only get concerned when one of them is actually killed, and then they start trying to figure out a way out.

Have you seen Saw? Cube? Botched? Well, combine those three, and you've got Steel Trap. Whoever set up this party also must've seen I Know What You Did Last Summer. Not only does the host tag people with insults about their previous meanness, the first person who gets killed is hooked. By the end of the movie, all pretences of originality have slipped away, and we're in a setting VERY reminiscent of Saw, so even those that somehow missed the similarities should catch on. The motive for the killing is pretty thin and lame, and speaking of lame, I'm not sure why Steel Trap is R because most of the killings aren't that gruesome. It must be some technicality in the ratings system; maybe somebody said "cunt" and I didn't notice.

The plot isn't the only thing that's bad. The film ends with a 4th wall break, which is almost as annoying to me as the singing anus in Pink Flamingos. The acting is generally shoddy, partially because of accent masking. Some of the cast can hide their accents, some can't. This naturally begs the question…why wasn't the film just set in the UK if all the cast were from there? I understand America's a big market, but have some fucking integrity. Or a cast that can pull off sounding North American and still deliver lines. I think the movie's trying to be funny at times, but normally it isn't. Some of this may be because the acting's so bad, but then sometimes the dialogue sounds like something from Scooby Doo, so the cast can't be the only ones to blame.

Fortunately the film does move quickly, and for a once off viewing Steel Trap is an okay bit of nonsense, but you won't escape the air of familiarity. You've seen it before and better.
Surprisingly, Steel Trap has a fair bit of grain, and it is distracting at times. This is probably the source material, but it was still annoying.
5.1 or two channel mixes. It's not a movie with a lot of bang, but the 5.1 is better as it enhances the echoes of the confined settings.
Extra Features
We get a commentary, a making of, the trailer, and trailers for other áccent titles. The commentary is with director Luis Cámara who is a talkative guy, and the commentary is better than the film itself. He discusses having to change the script because someone else was filming something similar. Given the end result is so derivative, this was a bit of shocking news. The behind the scenes is roughly 40 minutes and boring, but you do get to hear the thespians talking with their British accents. Again, you have to wonder why the film wasn't set in England? Or Germany, where it was filmed?
The Verdict
If you're looking for a New Year's horror movie to replace New Year's Evil, Steel Trap is better than that movie. So is the singing anus from Pink Flamingos, though, so it's not really much of an achievement.
Movie Score
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Overall Score

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