Sorority Girl (1957)
By: Paul Ryan on October 31, 2008  |  Comments  |  Bookmark and Share
Dark Horse Entertainment (Australia). All Regions, PAL. 4:3. English DD 2.0 Mono. 59 minutes
The Movie
Director: Roger Corman
Starring: Susan Cabot, Dick Miller, Barboura O'Neill, Julie Kenney , Barbara Crane
Screenplay: Ed Waters
Country: USA
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Sabra Tanner (Susan Cabot) is an unhappy college student, yearning for affection from her icy, widowed mother (Fay Baker) and struggling to connect with those around her. This unhappiness manifests itself in spiteful putdowns of her fellow sorority sisters, and ongoing bullying of naïve pledge Ellie (Barbara Crane). When her mother rejects her for the umpteenth time, Sabra falls into a spiral of increasingly destructive behaviour. Sabra starts meddling in the affairs of a pregnant sister (Julie Kenney) and uses her to blackmail the cocky campus bar manager (Dick Miller) who is dating her sorority nemesis, student politician Rita (Barboura O'Neill). Naturally, all this scheming can only end in tears…

Sorority Girl is a fast moving piece of fifties trash that is amusingly melodramatic (dig the paddle-spanking scene!) and very watchable. As an early Roger Corman quickie this is efficiently put together and reasonably well-acted. Amid the cast of overage college kids, Corman regulars Cabot (who was 30 at the time) and Miller (sporting some impressively high-waisted pants) perform well, though Barboura O'Neill is pretty wooden as Sabra's straight-arrow enemy.

If you've never caught anything from the fifties youth exploitation cycle, this is a good place to start. At barely an hour long, you won't be wasting your time.
Taken from an unrestored print – with occasional speckles and lines – this is an okay transfer, but nothing more. It appears to be an NTSC-to-PAL conversion, though a pretty good one as these things go. Blacks get a bit hard to distinguish at times, but that boom mic shadow at the 33-minute mark shows up crystal clear!
Basic Dolby 2.0. A little muffled and with the odd drop-out, but overall fine.
Extra Features
Absolutely nothing.
The Verdict
Vintage fifties exploitation from Roger Corman. Short, cheap and sordid, just how you like it. DV1's disc is bare bones, but does the job.
Movie Score
Disc Score
Overall Score

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