Dracula Exotica (1981)
By: Devon B. on September 9, 2008  |  Comments  |  Bookmark and Share
TVX Films (USA). All Regions, NTSC. 4:3. English DD 2.0. 99 minutes
The Movie
Director: Shaun Costello
Starring: Jamie Gillis, Vanessa del Rio, Samantha Fox, Eric Edwards, Gordon G. Duvall
Screenplay: Shaun Costello
Country: USA
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Dracula Exotica is highly regarded as a porno with a plot, but I don't generally like vampire movies with or without sex so the decision to check this out wasn't one of my best.

Dracula, who has a very silly accent, falls in love with his gamekeeper's virginal daughter. Unfortunately his gal is not approved of by Daddy Drac, and Dracula lacks the will to go against his father. Depressed, Dracula Junior hosts an orgy, but he doesn't join in the debauchery. Instead, he gets drunk, then decides it would be a good idea to rape his beloved in front of everyone. She's a bit miffed by this turn of events, and kills herself, and Dracula becomes, well, Dracula, out of anger at himself.

Flash forward and Drac is now undead and cursed to have eternal lust but never be able to orgasm. He decides to start anew in a foreign land, and an FBI agent begins tracking him 'cause the FBI think he's a spy, but she bares a strong resemblance to his deflowered love of yore. Also, people fuck.

As I said, a lot of people seem to like Dracula Exotica, and I assume that's because if you take out the sex, you have a cheap vampire movie with a "plot" moving the sex scenes along. Since I don't like cheap vampire movies I didn't like the plot, and the sex often wasn't very engaging. Even if you do like vampire movies, because it's the story of Dracula, it's all very familiar, but cheaper looking than usual. I was also put off by one sex scene where a guy play pretends he's an incestuous paedophile with the FBI agent. I get that it's not real, even within the story of Dracula Exotica, but I find the whole "Daddy Does His Daughter" style of porn really disturbing, so having an extended scene of that made me lose interest in the movie very quickly.

Aside from the sex, there're a few okay jokes, and most of the performances are acceptable. The only things I can really recommend about this film are if you want to see Ron Jeremy juggling while getting a blowjob or want to laugh at Vanessa Del Rio's ridiculous vampire costume. It should go without saying that these two minor things really shouldn't be of enough interest in anyone's book to bother seeking the film out though.
The 4:3 presentation looks like a second generation tape. There're specks, dirt, grain, wobble, and the image looks bleached and faded.
The audio is a standard two channel track. It's okay, but sometimes the dialogue is too loud in the mix. Which translates to, "It will be hard to keep it quiet enough so your neighbours don't realise you're watching porn again."
Extra Features
Trailers for Sunny, Fleshdance, Sweet Secrets and Never Enough.
The Verdict
Dracula Exotica is all very 70s, so fans of 70s porn will probably enjoy this more than I did. Even if it's your most favouritest movie of all time, this DVD presentation is really shit.
Movie Score
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Overall Score

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