The Human Tornado (1976)
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DV1 (Australia). All Regions, PAL. 4:3. English DD 2.0. 96 minutes
The Movie
Director: Cliff Roquemore
Starring: Rudy Ray Moore, Lady Reed, J. B. Baron
Screenplay: Jerry Jones
Country: USA
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Following on from Dolemite, The Human Tornado is very much more of the same from foul mouthed comic Rudy Ray Moore. In Dolemite he had just been released from prison and was trying to get back what was rightly his and stay out of the slammer at the same time. As we join Dolemite in the sequel all is well. His nightclub and act is a smash hit, his all girl kung fu army are kicking it and he isn't in prison. Cue, comedy redneck cops and a home invasion which results in the sheriff discovering that his wife has been paying Dolemite for his sexual services! After a gun fight, the sheriff's wife is dead and Dolemite is on the run to LA. While he is away his club is attacked, some of his women are kidnapped and Dolemite is out for revenge. Things are held together by the able direction of Cliff Roquemore who also helmed Moore in Petey Wheatstraw and wrote Black Shampoo and the Disco Godfather.

The film takes a much more slapstick approach than its predecessor but strangely enough is also more violent. They obviously realised that the fight sequences were not Dolemite's high point, so rather than trying to out do them they have gone the opposite direction and made them look ridiculous. Slow motion, unrealistic high jumps, slapstick and comedy music, all combine as Dolemite struts his stuff. A case in point is the woman that Dolemite's dueling club owner kidnaps and tortures. They are tied into traps that wouldn't look out of place in The Bloody Pit of Horror, with Mario Bavaesque lighting to bloody boot. A suspended bed of nails is one of the gruesome delights and one young lady's unfortunate position results in a fabulous snippet of dialogue, "Don't touch me, there's a live grenade beneath my legs."

There is also more nudity, especially involving our hero whose sexual prowess now results in women paying for his time, Rudy Ray Moore's ego running rampant this time round. As he escapes one tryst after being discovered by the sheriff his death defying naked jump is actually rewound and shown again, just to show how great the stunt was. Another moment starting with a bizarre dream sequence ends with Dolemite destroying a whole room with the power of his pounding, with a bit of Exorcist style bed levitation thrown in for good measure. As you can see this film is a smorgasbord of styles all designed to show of the alleged talents of Rudy Ray Moore, who this time around seems to be also able to defy death itself.
The Human Tornado is presented in a 4:3 aspect ratio. The print is not in as good condition as Dolemite. Frequent scratches and specks appear but don't really impede on your viewing pleasure.
The usual, easy to listen to but unremarkable 2.0 sound treatment. The age and budget of the film definitely having an adverse affect on the sound quality.
Extra Features
Slightly fewer extras on this release, the trivia quiz makes a return along with a selection of trailers from DV1's other blaxploitation release's including Dolamite, The Human Tornado and Penetentiary.
The Verdict
More fun than the original, The Human Tornado goes for the funny bone whenever it can in Rudy Ray Moore's own inevitable style. Whether you love or loath this film relies purely on how much you appreciate his jive talking rhetoric and your love of the 'F' word.
Movie Score
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Overall Score

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