Naked Blood (2000)
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Japan Shock (Holland). All Regions, PAL. 1.85:1 (Non-anamorphic). Japanese DD 2.0. English Subtitles. 76 minutes
The Movie
Director: Hisayasu Sato
Starring: Misa Akia, Sadao Abe, Mika Kirihara
Screenplay: Taketoshi Watari Music: Kimitake Hiraoka
Country: Japan
AKA: Splatter: Naked Blood, Nekkedo buraddo: Megyaku, Megyaku: Akuma no yorokobi, Naked Blood: Megyaku
Once you've seen one film where a young woman saws off her own labia and nipples and eats them delightedly, you've seen them all.

Umm. well… yeah. So, Naked Blood. One of video's more craptastic titles, but a damn fine film, regardless. Eiji is a child prodigy who has developed a drug he calls "My Son" that retards the pain response in the pain receptors, instead giving a pleasurable high. He puts the drug into drips containing an experimental contraceptive drug being tested at his mother's hospital and films what happens to the women being tested, each of whom has a nasty, undesirable and bloody reaction to it.

I'm quite sure there's no other film in the world that features the line, "You must empty your heart first. Then entrust everything to the cactus." Sorry, sorry, cheap laughs at the expense of poorly translated, out of context subtitles are a specialty of the house. Of course, as we all know this kind of irresponsible scientific behaviour of Eiji's is destined to fuck up big time, and it certainly does that here in spades. The combination of the contraceptive drug and My Son produces the effect whereby not only is pain negated, it is translated into an almost orgasmic delight, and without wishing to spoil anything for anyone, makes one of the test patients into a rather extreme piercing fanatic, another into an auto-cannibal and the other…well…

My only real gripe with this film is that the director has obviously tried to be arty at the same time as he has being supernally violent, and given the type of film this is, it does it a tremendous disservice. The whole sub-plot with Rika's insomnia and hooking herself up to the cactus every night via some weird headset in order to be able to dream is just plain laughable and could have been addressed in a less intrusive and absurd fashion, methinks. The fucking scene towards the end with Rika, Eiji and the cactus was like something out of Burroughs, and well, a little silly.

I couldn't help but be reminded of David Lynch while I watched this film. There's a similar kind of oneiric logic here that echoes that in Lynch's films. Or maybe that should be an "illogic". Regardless, linear straightforward storytelling is not at a premium here. And in terms of who actually kills who in this gruesomely bloody film, I really can't say. That's not a cop out; we see some characters die twice, one of the bastards gets three goes. What is this, a video game?! Honestly, it becomes annoying more than anything else.

And then there's the whole family relationships issue. This is a scary thing in this film, whether it's the father-son, mother-son (definitely uncool in this flick), or husband-wife relationship, they're all horribly dysfunctional here, if not positively destructive and warped. Honestly, after watching this, Kairo, and Audition, I'm really, really glad I'm not Japanese.

Brief and to the point, this is a visceral film that does not fuck about. If you can watch Naked Blood without wincing, grimacing or going, "Urgh", then you're an inhuman monster. This is one of the more brutal and nasty splatter flicks I've ever seen, and definitely one of the smartest.
Much better than the average V-movie, although the picture is a little soft at times. There's a slight greenish tinge to everything which gives the whole proceedings a slightly sick feeling.
Clear as a bell, although some of the special effects are deliberately (and annoyingly) too loud, for some kind of surreal effect.
Extra Features
Who the fuck in their right mind considers a Slide Show to be a special feature? What, do you gather the family around, sit everyone down and watch like a collection of home movies? No, you don't, because Slide Shows are fucking BORING!!! And that's all you get here in terms of extras.
The Verdict
At times, shocking, at times, confronting and thought provoking, Naked Blood is nothing less than a low budget tour-de-force. Intelligent, bold and daring, this film ventures into places other films fear to tread. It's much more professional-looking than the average V-movie, in terms of how it's shot and acted, and only baulks at getting 5 stars due to its stodgy pacing and rather deliberate arty weirdness for its own sake.
Movie Score
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