From Lust Till Dawn (2002)
By: Devon B. on September 6, 2007  |  Comments  |  Bookmark and Share
Knob Ryder (USA). All Regions, NTSC. 4:3. English 2.0. 112 minutes
The Movie
Director: Father John
Starring: Flick Shagwell, Shay Sights, Christina Black, Nina Ferrari, Stevi, Lee Ston, Nick Manning, Brick Majors
Country: USA
So, after watching Dark Angels, I was dreading From Lust Till Dawn. I kept pushing it to the back of my review pile, but eventually there was nothing left to stand between me and more vampire porn. Dark Angels won awards and has good reviews, and I didn't like it, so how was a cheaper version of essentially the same story going to rate? Surprisingly, quite well.

From Lust Till Dawn opens like a sequel, but that's just the film attempting to use a framing narrative. A woman is telling a police officer her story, and it goes a little something like this: three heroes rose up against vampires, battling them fiercely to make their way to the vampire Queen. When they reach her, she morphs into a stuntman, and then hoohas with them before getting burned. Her ashes were hidden, but her underlings have finally found her ashes.

Hatching a resurrection plan, a nubile vampire seduces a guy, and then bites him during sex. He looses a fair bit of blood, but fortunately none of it was needed to maintain his erection; he just keeps going till he climaxes, then dies. His blood awakens the Queen and ta-daa! the sucking starts anew. Sanguine sucking, that is. To regain her full power, the Queen must drink the blood of the offspring of the heroes that killed her. The vampires go after them, but before killing them and bringing the Queen their blood, they must naturally seduce them.

Given the low price of the DVD, I was glad to find From Lust Till Dawn actually has production value; it's not just a bunch of porn stars running around with cheap fangs. The acting varies, but some of the performers aren't too terrible. And a big plus for vampire aficionados will undoubtedly be the revelation of where vampires come from. At last, the mystery explained!

As for the porn, there aren't that many sex scenes, but one lesbian encounter between a vampire and a nun is sure to guarantee to please those that like to see nuns in compromising positions. And also people that like lesbian scenes. There is a bit of artsy fartsy direction with the sex, but it's never too distracting. There are unfortunately a few angles that I'd hoped I'd never see again after Porno Holocaust, but maybe others won't have the same aversion to them that I now do.

There's worse to be had than From Lust Till Dawn. It's very silly, but doesn't try to hide that, which makes it far more watchable then some of its vampire porn competition. Like Dark Angels.
From Lust Till Dawn is presented full screen. It was shot on high end video, but does use some film effects. The image is quite sharp and clear.
Audio is available in a two channel track. Some of the synch sound is a bit rough, and there is some dialogue distortion. The score is very present, but I guess this Danny Elfman knock off stuff is slightly better than the porn music of the 70s.
Extra Features
No extras.
The Verdict
Preferable, less pretentious, and cheaper than Dark Angels. If you're after vampire porn with a bit of a movie to go along with it, this should do you.
Movie Score
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