The Ass Collector (2002)
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Evil Angel (USA). All Regions, NTSC 4:3. English DD 5.1, English DD 2.0. 137 minutes
The Movie
Director: Rocco Siffredi
Starring: Nikita, Cindy, Petra Short, Henrietta, Katalin, Sheila Scott, Niky, Monik, Stella Virgin
Country: USA
I first heard about Rocco Siffredi while reading an interview with the late Aristide Massaccesi in Flesh & Blood. Joe discussed Rocco's penal size (enormous), his intelligence (much brighter than the normal, idiot Italian porn stars), his erections (unyielding), his consumption of eggs (for those special man chowder moments), and his penal size (the interviewer was a bit obsessed). I could say that my curiosity was piqued about this monstrously membered man, and I got one of his movies, but that would be a lie. The truth is I forgot all about him, and then ordered The Ass Collector because it sounded like a porno thriller. When I saw Rocco's name on the sleeve, memory was triggered, and while I can't confirm his ovary eating or his intelligence, I can safely say Rocco's packing a pants python.

The Ass Collector starts with some cops converging on a villain, the Ass Collector, who is a transgender man with a habit of abducting females, artificially rendering them more compliant, and then having his way with them. It's kinda like the Stepford Vaginas. Mr AC isn't one to beat around the bush, unless he's prepping for the money shot, of course, and he spells out his motives to the viewer rather quickly. The police don't get him, which means the case is at a stand still, as there really wasn't much to go on. Their only hope is to infiltrate the Ass Collector's world, drawing him out to make him a target.

The Ass Collector himself is a bit of an interesting character. He idolises women, and dresses like them, yet clearly is still very in touch with his masculinity. His world is pretty creepy and surreal at times, and the actor playing him genuinely seems unhinged in some scenes. Okay, so most of the more convincing moments of insanity are from the outtakes that play at the film's end, but still, he seems like a bit of a nutter.

Anyway, from the very first scene, it's clear The Ass Collector has more production value than the normal porno. The film has some actual action scenes, including car and motorcycle stunts, and some of the performers can act. There're still tell tale signs this is a porno, though. Sometimes people look at the camera. Phonetic English causes some of the thespians trouble. And, perhaps most noticeable of all, there's an abundance of hardcore sex.

Even in that regard, The Ass Collector is more ambitious than most porn, with sex scenes that are actually used to further the story. Sometimes. Truth be told, eventually the story kinda goes by the wayside, but heck, even one plot driven sex scene is an achievement. The sex is quite varied, but there's a fetish menu which allows you to skip to the bits you liked best, whether it be the blowjobs, the "hot sex", the anal scenes, the rimming sequences, the cum shots, or the foot fetish moments. If you want to just check out the (brief) gay scene, the oldies showing they still want to be goodies, the prosthetics, or the gaping, you'll need to remember where these moments occur. In other words, The Ass Collector ain't vanilla. One scene, I would guess it was meant to be the focal point, involves Rocco taking on 10 women and a lot of oil. It would seem it's meant to be the highlight, but I have to admit I didn't really see the point of having all those women since Rocco spends most of his time focusing heavily on one's rectum.

I'm not sure that I actually liked The Ass Collector, but I do admire the intentions of those who made it.
The Ass Collector is presented full screen. The film was shot on high end video and film looked, but it's still video. It has a more professional veneer than might be expected, but is also a bit dark in places, and there is some light video grain.
Audio is available in 5.1 or 2.0 mixes. The 5.1 provides some deep rumbles and swirling ghost FX, but the dialogue can be hard to catch. This isn't entirely the mixes fault, as most of the cast are ESL at best. The 2.0 mix is a little rougher, but I found the dialogue to be a bit easier to understand.
Extra Features
Disc one has a photo gallery, two trailers, some web addresses, a cast list by scene, and a list of disc two's contents. Disc two has a making of, extra sex, filmographies for the women, a behind the scenes photo gallery, website links, and a list of disc one's contents. The making of runs about 78 minutes, and is raw footage, with raw audio to match, from the set. No subs are provided when people speak Italian or French. The making of is mostly of interest to see the extended temper tantrums of the Ass Collector guy. He complains a lot about the actual filming, and then says the film is great. The only other thing here I found interesting were the language barrier issues, though there are snippets of sex. But if you want that, just check out the roughly 30 minutes of additional sex footage. The third disc is a CD soundtrack. Forget "How deep is your throat;" The Ass Collector has a decent score.
The Verdict
The Ass Collector is more like a low budget movie with hardcore sex than a sex flick with pretensions of being a real movie, even if porno logic naturally still applies for seduction scenes. It's a bit long to sit and take in as just a movie, and some the sex may push some viewers' boundaries, but the sheer effort that went in to making it more than just another film for the raincoat crowd earns it some respect.
Movie Score
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