Re-Penetrator (2004)
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Burning Angel (USA). All Regions, NTSC. 4:3. English DD 2.0. 21 minutes
The Movie
Director: Doug Sakmann
Starring: Joanna Angel, Tommy Pistol Screenplay: Doug Sakmann
Tagline: "Dr. Hubert Breast has a very good head on his shoulders... and another one on the dick in his pants"
Country: USA
I caught the trailer for Re-Penetrator somewhere on the net awhile back, and thought it looked funny. I mean, how can you resist the tagline "Dr. Hubert Breast has a very good head on his shoulders…and another one on the dick in his pants!"? I know I was finding it difficult. However, a fellow Digital Retribution scribe warned me that Re-Penetrator wasn't particularly interesting, so I took his advice and forgot about it. Then I purchased the same team's The XXXorcist, and revelled in its disgusting marvellousness. That DVD had some clips from Re-Penetrator on it, which made it look pretty cool and outré and showed things the trailer didn't, so I decided to give it a go and got the DVD. I wouldn't say Re-Penetrator is terrible, but it can't compete with its repulsive follow up.

Re-Penetrator begins with Dr Breast trying to re-animate a female corpse. I'm not sure why he's going through the effort of trying to bring her back to life, as she was already twitching before he used the re-agent. Breast's previous attempts at resurrection resulted in undead bodies with a hankering for brains, so Breast has instilled his latest test subject with a craving for sex. Seems like a necrophile's wet dream. Anyway, after being injected with the re-agent, she wakes up, spits some blood all over Breast's nob, then proceeds to slurp it back up. Things continue in a similarly messy fashion, with lots of red stuff smeared everywhere, and eventually he penetrates her, then, uh, re-penetrates her. Just when it seems Breast has created the perfect female companion, things take a dire turn for him, bringing to mind the age old adage: "Fucking the dead is a bad idea."

Re-Penetrator is nowhere near as icky as XXXorcist, which for me was a bad thing. Tommy Pistol and Joanna Angel from XXXorcist both star in Re-Penetrator, which makes comparisons to that film inevitable as well. Despite being hammy as all fuck, Pistol does make me laugh. He makes for a good knock off of everyone's favourite crazed medical student, and Re-Penetrator gives him a few opportunities to be quite funny, but they're not enough to carry the film. I don't want to imply that Re-Penetrator lacks inspired moments, as there are a few that are great, and if I'd seen it before XXXorcist, I may have thought it was sleazy gold.

The DVD includes a 22-minute director's cut, but you get the gist and jizz much quicker in the screening cut, which is also included.
The film is presented full frame. It was shot on video, so suffers some video grain, and the image is a bit soft.
Re-Penetrator has a two-channel mix. The audio levels fluctuate, and the film's a bit quiet, with the sound a bit muffled. The audio gets rough, loud and distorted in some of the other features.
Extra Features
The DVD says it comes with a 14 minute behind the scenes, but this is really just interviews with Pistol, Angel, and writer/director Doug Sakmann. Sakmann reveals he wrote the script in about two minutes, which isn't a surprise. Other participants describe him as a "horror expert," but when he names movies he likes, they're very generic: Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, The Exorcist, and Re-Animator. Sounds more like someone with only a passing interest in the genre to me. In general the making of is interesting, with those involved discussing the unpleasantness of filming and issues the film raised. There're two commentaries, one with Pistol and Angel and one with Sakmann and DP Pat Homily. The first starts out better than expected, but quickly deteriorates and I lost interest. Sakmann and Homily fare better on their track, but info does repeat from other places. Also included are the film's trailer, as well as that for XXXorcist and Punk Rock Holocaust 2. As with any good porno DVD, Re-Penetrator includes some bonus, or bon(er)us as the menu puts it, sex scenes. These are three scenes taken from the Burning Angel website, and evidently the master tapes were lost, so this is where the sound gets a bit rough, and the first two are LOUD. The first is School Bus Bitches, which stars Pistol, Angel, and some other woman. This is of interest mostly because I realised Angel is quite attractive when not covered in red or green goo. The second is Caulk and Bawls, which stars Pistol and some woman, and features a non-sex cameo by Angel. This short's trailer is also included. The final scene is called Jizzsperiment, and I think the idea was to be weird here, but it's not very. This one also stars Pistol and Angel, and some other woman. The trailer for Jizzsperiment is included as well.
The Verdict
If you're not interested in seeing two people have sex in a variety of positions while covered in fake blood, you can give Re-Penetrator a miss. The finale is pretty amusing, but you can see enough of it in the special features of XXXorcist to get the idea. The DVD has enough bonus features to make for a decent release, but I can't recommend this for lovers of tasteless cinema as heartily as I do XXXorcist. Have I mentioned that I really liked XXXorcist?
Movie Score
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