Pervert! (2005)
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TLA Releasing (USA). Region 1, NTSC. 1.85:1 (16:9 enhanced). English DD 5.1. 81 Minutes
The Movie
Director: Jonathan Yudis Starring: Mary Carey, Sean Andrews, Darrell Sandeen, Juliette Clarke, Sally Jean, Jonathan Yudis
Screenplay: Mike Davis Music: Elliott Goldkind, Matt Piedmont
Tagline: Sex! Death! Freedom!
Country: USA
Just from looking at the cover of the DVD of the film Pervert!, you have to assume that the writers and directors are fans of the late great Russ Meyer. There on the cover, jumping in a manner that can be described as both reckless and topless, is porn star/political candidate Mary Carey, star of such hit films as Busty Dildo Lovers #4, Lesbian Big Boob Bangeroo 2 and Five Guy Cream Pie 5, surrounded by American desert and three other hot to trot sex bunnies.

Pervert! tells the story of James (Sean Andrews), who returns to his family's farm in the hope of repairing the relationship between himself and his father, Hezekiah (Darrell Sandeen) which had broken down after the tragic death of his mother. Upon arrival, James discovers his father may have become slightly unhinged, and has become a sculptor, whose medium is 'meat'. Also, he has shacked up with the bosomy Cheryl (Mary Carey), who, upon finding out there is a young stud in the house, decides that young meat is better than aged meat, and starts banging James like a dunny door in the wind…until she mysteriously disappears, eventually returning, in a decapitation scene that will make fans of arterial sprays stand up and take notice. The old man suspects the son, and vise versa, and the murders of big breasted young women continue…but the true identity of the murderer will shock, the revelation of the James' curse will horrify, and the barely understandable narrator will make you go 'huh?'

There is one thing you can definitely say about this film: it has the Meyer Big Red Stamp all over it. Pervert! takes a massive amount of the key elements from Supervixens, and adds in touches from other films such as Motel Hell, De-Ranged, Monty Python films, Basket Case, and then throws in a little stop motion animation which really stirs the pot. The influence of Supervixens is blatant: not just the big boobs, but many of the shots are lifted from Meyer's oeuvre, not to mention the use of the desert location and the sun drenched colours of the cinematography.

Pervert! is a grand combination of sex, horror, violence, child abuse, sexploitation, incest, gay wigga skinheads and Americana…not for the faint of heart, or anyone with taste.
Considering this is an indie film with a fairly tight budget, the 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer is clean and clear, and the colours vibrant and never washed out. This is a plus, as the lighting and colours of some of the scenes are quite beautiful…the D.o.P. deserves congratulations on this count!
The audio on this disc is presented in 5.1 Dolby Digital, and considering the film's budget, this has pretty good sound. Tragically this means you will hear the song 'Pervert' over and over again quite clearly.
Extra Features
There are a lot of nice features on this disc.

Into The Chasm of the Hypervixens: The Making of Pervert is a making of documentary, and is really a guide as to what sort of gumption one needs to get an independent film together. Somehow, this doco, considering the subject matter of the film, is quite genuine and it seems as though director Jonathon Yudis and Screenwriter Mike Davis did what too few filmmakers do these days: they made a film for themselves, and if others liked it…well, that was just a bonus.

Deleted Scenes has about 5 minutes of footage that could have, to my reasoning, remained in the movie. With a runtime of only 81 minutes, these scenes could have fleshed the film out a little more, although one of the pieces, if in the wrong spot, could have given away the identity of the killer…the 'squid-rape' stuff was funny though!!

Extended Lesbian Scene. In this film there is a soft-core, girlish, lesbian love-making scene between two ladies with big tits. This is an extended version of that scene…nuff said!!

The Bloopers are a couple of minutes of not-very-funny mistakes.

There are 3 trailers for Pervert on this disc, which are subtitled 'Sex', 'Death' and 'Freedom'. One has all the booby/ saucy bits, another has all the gory murder scenes, and the last is a celebration of Americana and of living a life free of restrictions…you can figure out which is which.

Pervert Music Video is the badly filmed clip of the awful song from the film 'Pervert' by The Clyde Mego Situation. I didn't mind this song at first, but it is played repeatedly over the menus, and no matter what you think, exposure doesn't always mean addiction!!!

There are also trailers for Strange Circus (which appears to be an Asian take on Jodorosky), Next Door (a Danish take on Bound), Evil (a Greek zombie film) and The Wedding Party (which appears to be the bastard son of Four Weddings and a Funeral and Assault on Precinct 13).
The Verdict
I am an unabashed fan of Russ Meyer, and I sit on two sides regarding this film. The part of me that loves ridiculous gigantic-knocker sexploitation movies with overblown Shakespearean dialogue and daft segues, and a touch of over the top violence and comedy absolutely loved this film, but the other side felt it was a throwback to the type of soft porn comedies that Meyer really made his own, and shouldn't be touched by others. Either way, it is a funny, violent and gory movie starring topless chicks with gigantic tits, and will be enjoyed by lovers of those things. The extras are pretty cool, as well. A fun watch, but definitely NOT for everyone.
Movie Score
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