Anyone You Can Do, I Can Do Better (2006)
By: David Michael Brown on June 20, 2007  |  Comments  |  Bookmark and Share
Siren Visual Entertainment (Australia). Region 4, PAL. 4:3. Japanese DD 2.0, English DD 2.0 English Subtitles. 60 minutes
The Movie
Director: Haruo Okawara
Voices Katsumi Aida, Yoshiko Tsuchio, Yukio Gochiku
Country: Japan
AKA: Bakunyuu Oyako
It was a natural progression for the world of Japanese animation. A quick glance at any Manga or Anime shows a nation obsessed with big eyed school girls and shapely assassins and an eye for fetishtic entertainment. No matter what the genre, anime always manages to linger on the female form with the promise of a glimpse of animated female flesh. Films like The Blue Girl and Urotsukidôji: Legend of the Demon Womb pushed the boundaries of sexual violence as multi tentacled aliens violated young girls with salacious abandon. It was only a matter of time; when anime would be combined with hardcore pornography to produce a new sub-genre of hand drawn entertainment. Known as Hentai in Japan, the films negate the often convoluted storylines and bizarre characters of traditional anime and focus on the sexual shenanigans that you normally see performed by the like of Tera Patrick and Jenna Jameson.

Anyone You Can Do, I Can Do Better is a simple tale of a young man obsessed with huge breasts. He would do Russ Meyer proud in his pursuit of mammoth mammaries. We join our hero Yusuke doing a bit of study. He soon heads back to the house of a shapely young student, Reina', to do a bit of private tuition and before you know it he has his hands full in more ways than one. As luck would have it his latest conquest also has a housemate, Yusuke, with even bigger breasts and a bigger hunger for pleasure, and being eager to please, he has also makes a move on her. Soon these titanic school girls are battling for his affections in a way that only porn stars do.

That's it, a simple excuse to string together a variety of explicit sex scenes. These women are unlike any you would find made of flesh and blood. They live in the imaginations of the animators and get into every position imaginable and a few more besides. For anyone wanting to immerse themselves into the saucy world of Hentai, Anyone You Can Do, I Can Do Better is a eye opening place to start.
The 4:3 image is sharp and shows of the animation to its best advantage. The colour scheme does look a little washed out.
The original Japanese language track is presented in 2.0 along with and English dub, and neither are spectacular. Lets face it though, you don't watch a Hentai for the surround sound experience. Its pleasant to the ear but nothing more than that.
Extra Features
The sleeve lists a small selection of Siren Hentai trailers, a US trailer and an art gallery as the extras but this reviewer found them rather elusive. There was no mention of them of the menu; just the option to choose between the two episodes.
The Verdict
It's a rather strange experience watching a hard core cartoon and Anyone You Can Do, I Can Do Better is everything you would expect from a Hentai DVD. Horny girls with huge breasts hurling themselves at unsuspecting victims, what more could you want? The best Triple F Cup fun you can have this side of a Russ Meyer flick. Just remember these girls aren't bad, they are just drawn that way.
Movie Score
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