Enter... Zombie King (2003)
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ADV Films (USA). Region 1, NTSC. 1 .85:1 (Non-anamorphic). English DD 5.1, English DD 2.0. 75 minutes
The Movie
Director: Stacey Case
Starring: Jules Delorme, Jennifer Thom, Raymond Carle, El Fuego, Sean K Robb, Nicholas Sinn, JB Destiny, Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, Jennifer Deschamps
Screenplay: Bill Marks, Sean K. Robb
Music: Steve Skratt
Country: USA
AKA: Zombie Beach Party
If you go into this film expecting Spielberg, Polanski or Lean, then you are a fuckwit. All you need to do is look at the cover, and consider the premise: Ulysses (aka US, in a fine display of how he's the all American hero) is a masked wrestler, fighting bad guys for the US government. He bands up with the Blue Saint, Mercedes (US's love interest), hotshot government agent Mr X, and eventually the dreadlocked Tiki (all of them are also masked wrestlers) to fight zombies, and eventually the evil Zombie King, who of course wants to take over the world.

If you dig masked wrestlers, surf guitar, a bit of rockabilly, and zombies – I think you have your film. Think of it as being done in the same style as Adam West era Batman – sure it's camp, but it's played straight – and therefore it works brilliantly. Just as Batman believed that in his world, the Shark-Repellent Bat-spray would knock a dreadfully dangerous rubber shark off his leg; so, in Ulysses' world the superstars of global crime-fighting are masked wrestlers. In some regards, this movie is the opposite to another film I reviewed recently, Die You Zombie Bastards, because Die… plays everything for gags and is totally over the top and ridiculous, while Enter…Zombie King plays everything for real.

Side note – in my notes in writing this review, I jotted down, "there are lots of good looking girls with tattoos and piercings – looks like a retarded Suicide Girls fetish video." And it does, and it's great. Like the aforementioned Die You Zombie Bastards!, this film was written, directed and acted (is it acting when you can't see someone's face for the entire duration of the film?) by people who loved what they were doing and had a total fucking whale of a time doing it.

I gotta say, for a zombie flick, it's a little light on the gore (depending on your taste in films, of course, that may be a relative statement…) but that works in the film's favour because it lets it keep its comic book feel. The gore would be redundant here, and jar you out of the fun. But like I said: zombies, surf guitar, boobs and wrestling (I especially enjoyed the bout between Mercedes and the French Vixen) – what else are you asking for??!!
Okay, but never great. This was a straight to video job, and it shows. A clear enough picture and the camera work is competent.
Flat, but again, alright, especially considering the kind of film we're talking about. I was a little concerned about muffled dialogue, considering the masks, but no – all was well. Also, the Zombie King sounds uncannily like Morbo the News Monster from Futurama to these ears.
Extra Features
A bunch of trailers: Conduct Zero, Gamera collection (believe me, I want this), Shinobi: The Law of Shinobi, 2009 Lost Memories, Yesterday and Dark Water (the real one, not the crap-tastic US remake). It's kind of a shame there isn't any more, 'cos the film itself only just limps over the line of classifying itself as a feature, with a 76 minute runtime.
The Verdict
Any film that thanks George Romero AND Stan Lee for inspiration in the credits has to be worth a watch. It's light entertainment, but lots and lots of fun. I'm not even that much of a wrestling fan, but I got a kick out of how silly and preposterous the whole thing was. Seriously, approach it with an open mind and a bucket of popcorn.
Movie Score
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