Don't Mess With My Sister (1985)
By: J.R. McNamara on January 30, 2007  |  Comments  |  Bookmark and Share
Force Entertainment (Australia). Region All Regions, PAL. 1.78:1 (Non-anamorphic). English DD 2.0. 84 minutes
The Movie
Director: Meir Zarchi
Starring: Joe Perce, Jeannine Lemay, Jack Gurci, Peter Sapienza, Laura Lanfranchi
Screenplay: Meir Zarchi
Music: Todd Rice Tagline: He'd kill for them. He may have to die for them.
Country: USA
Upon viewing Meir Zarchi's first writing and directorial effort I Spit on Your Grave, he seemed to be the greatest exploitation legend ever to have walked the earth. The whole picture oozed so much sleaziness that you almost felt as though you needed a shower after watching its combination of horror, violence, rape and bad acting. In other words, it was great!Tragically this follow up film Don't Mess With My Sister, which came out almost 10 years later, makes one think that perhaps Zarchi was a one hit wonder as everything that made I Spit On Your Grave a top and perverse film has been abandoned here.

Don't Mess With My Sister tells the tale of Steven (Joe Perce), a married accountant who works for his wife Clara's (Jeannine Lemay) brothers, Roberto (Jack Gurci) and Dino (Peter Sapienze). There is a lot of tension between Steven and his bosses as they had promised him a share in the business but won't make good on their word. As a surprise, the brothers and Clara throw a party for Steven and hire sexy (???) belly dancer Annika (Laura Lanfranchi), who just happens to be a nightschool classmate of Steven's whom he falls head over heels in love with. Unfortunately a lot of people become aware of the budding relationship between Steven and Annika and eventually this information gets back to Clara, who calls on her brothers do something about it…. and thus begins their boring vengeance!

The most frustrating thing about this film is that you are not sure who you should be rooting for. The good guy is a selfish twat and the wife and her brothers are awful excuses for human beings as well…in actual fact, it seems as though everybody in this family and its extended associates are absolute buttplugs. The acting is terrible and upon researching some of the stars, it came as no surprise that almost all of them have not worked since. The storyline feels like Zarchi was trying for a Meyer styled morality play, but without the tits and ass it simply falls flat on its face and is akin to watching an episode of Neighbours that has been shot as a film instead.

It feels as though after the massive amount of controversy caused by I Spit On Your Grave Zarchi didn't want to start any controversy here. There are very safe sex scenes, non violent violence, and the 'erotic belly dancing' is about as sexy as seeing your Grandma do a strip tease! Thankfully since this tripe was squeezed from his sphincter, Zarchi hasn't written another film.
Horrible and artifact-y, Don't Mess With My Sister is a chore to watch from a technical point of view as well. It is presented in 1:78:1 widescreen without 16:9 enhancement, but would have been better presented in a 0:0 so you didn't have to see it at all!
A dull substandard stereo soundtrack transfer, combined with its poor quality recording make for a lacklustre sound all round. The only incidental music in this film appears to be when the characters themselves are listening to music.
Extra Features
There is only a trailer (2 minutes 37 seconds) and deleted scenes (17 minutes 18 seconds), which neither add nor take away anything from this cesspool of a flick. Actually, the trailer is probably the best thing about this film, but like most trailers it promises more than it delivers.
The Verdict
And let it be known that in 1985 an abomination was released upon the world and yay it was called Don't Mess With My Sister. Seriously though, I would rather eat my own ear wax rather than watch this pile of giraffe dung ever again. Pure crapola!
Movie Score
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