Slaughter Party (2005)
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Troma (USA). All Regions, NTSC. 4:3. English DD 2.0. 80 Minutes
The Movie
Director: Fred Rosenberg
Starring: Ford Austin, Mighty Mike, Felissa Rose, Brinke Stevens, Ron Jeremy, Seymore Butts
Screenplay: Fred Rosenberg Jr.
Country: USA
I saw the trailer for Slaughter Party on another Troma disc, and quickly decided it was a must see. This is a clear case of the trailer being far more entertaining than the full movie.

The film begins with an intro by Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma and creator of the Toxic Avenger, and Debbie Rochon.Then it's on to Slaughter Party where a midget, Mighty Mike Murga, is hanging out with his brother and a friend near a supposedly haunted cave which is also supposedly habited by a psychopath.Unfortunately for the guys, the latter story is true, and they are dispatched by the Mad Doctor. Except for Murga, who is resurrected as an unstoppable killing machine, and begins stalking women. He kills Felissa (Sleepaway Camp) Rose's sister, and she's feeling down about the whole dead sibling thing. Her friend forces her to come along to the desert for a bikini party with a group of acquaintances (incorrectly identified as lesbians on the sleeve, despite a fair bit of cock talk in the film). Too bad for the group, they've come to the spot which coincidentally is near where Murga and the Mad Doctor now reside. Meanwhile, two cops (one played by Adam Glasser, better known as Seymour Butts) are on the trail of a murderer.

The trailer for Slaughter Party makes it look like the whole movie is about women being slaughtered by a midget with a penchant for ripping their tops off. While this does happen, if you watch the trailer, you've pretty much seen everything you're going to. The film does have a few funny lines, but gets incoherent in places, and is ultimately boring. The bikini party scenes get chaotic, with everyone ad-libbing over the top of each other, and not much of interest happening.

What really hurts Slaughter Party is it's unnecessarily complex. I'm the target audience for movies about midgets massacring women in skimpy bathers, and I found the film dull. The whole Mad Doctor subplot is not needed, and neither is the dreary set up for why the midget's killing people. Why couldn't this have just been a slasher with a mini-Mike Meyers? It would've been far more entertaining, even less PC, and still would've given the crew the opportunity to make a horror pastiche.

Ron Jeremy has a small cameo, but this scene seems like it was tacked on to increase the run time. Brinke Stevens also has a very small part, but at least her character seems to have originally been in the script. The worst planned cameo is by Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma and creator of the Toxic Avenger, which has less connection to the main "story" than the R-rating scene in Student Bodies.

To be fair, Slaughter Party does have a fairly diverse soundtrack, and I really liked the song about working at McDonald's. The credits don't break down the track listing, though, so I don't know which band that was. So, if you're in the band that did the McDonald's song for Slaughter Party, send me an e-mail. Or, better yet, send me a free CD.

I guess every so often I need to get one of these clunkers to remind myself why I never used to say I was a Troma fan.
Slaughter Party is presented at 1.33:1, and was shot on digital video. The film actually looks okay, but you still have video grain and a few little glitches.
Audio is a two-channel mix, and gets a bit rough at times. Dialogue can be hard to decipher through background noise, and the audio gets a bit distant sounding on the larger sets.
Extra Features
Even Troma extras can't save this one, but they try. Specific extras include a short interview with Felissa Rose, and a longer one with Adam Glasser. The latter is longer mostly because Glasser spends much of the time making his "world famous" cinnamon rolls (ie. Pillsbury). The film's trailer is included, but it's comes on automatically after that for Parts of the Family when you put the DVD in, which is annoying. Then you can't access it from the menu, so you only get to watch it before you've screened the actual film. There's also a commentary by the Mad Doctor. This may have worked with Bruce Campbell as The King on Bubba Ho-Tep, but here it fails abysmally. Very little info is given, and unless the Doctor character is actually on screen, little of even remote interest is said. I guess the plan was to make it like Mystery Science Theater 3000, but I can make fun of bad movies on my own, so this track had little value for me.

Really, the only reason to get this is for long time Troma fans that want the Troma System of Self-Improvement infomercial, as it features what I assume is the real Michael Herz before Joe Fleishaker began portraying him. This will probably end up on future DVDs, so those long time Troma fans would need to have a strong desire to see the System RIGHT NOW to justify the purchase of this DVD. Trailers for Make Your Own Damn Movie, Lollilove, and The Children are also included, as is an ad for the website. Oh, and yes, the Radiation March is presented and accounted for.

The disc sleeve says there is a preview for Poultrygeist, but I couldn't find it.
The Verdict
Slaughter Party commits the ultimate sin in exploitation cinema: it's fucking boring. If you need a Troma fix, look elsewhere, and if you want nasty midgets, check out The Sinful Dwarf.
Movie Score
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