Chesty's Enormous Hits
By: Mark Nichols on November 1, 2006  |  Comments  |  Bookmark and Share
Siren Visual Entertainment (Australia). All Regions, NTSC. 4:3 English DD 2.0 Mono. 147 minutes
The Movie
Director: Doris Wishman
Starring: Chesty Morgan, Frank Silvano, Saul Meth, Jill Harris, Harry Reems, Greg Reynolds, Saul Meth, Phillip Stahl Screenplay: Doris Wishman
Tagline: Seeing is believing
Country: USA
Year 1974 , 1973
Chesty's Enormous Hits is a box set consisting of two films produced and directed by Doris Wishman: Deadly Weapons and Double Agent 73 starring Chesty Morgan. Chesty's 'special talent' is that she has enormous size 72 breasts that nearly reach her navel. Combine this with an extremely fake silver/grey wig, bright ill-fitting blouses with matching flairs and an array of outrageous platform shoes and you have an amazing sight!

In Deadly Weapons Chesty (credited as Zsa Zsa) plays Crystal, whose boyfriend is killed by "the mob". In her quest to track down and kill the three men responsible for his death, Chesty changes from passive victim to avenging protagonist by using her 'deadly weapons' (her breasts) to smother her male victim's faces and suffocate them to death! At frequent intervals during the film Crystal takes time to open her blouse and give her breasts some fresh air and a massage. One of the 'goons' in the film is ex-porn star Harry Reems, who takes his dramatic acting very seriously and spends a surprisingly large amount of his screen time rejecting sexual advances from lustful women before finally weakening.

In Double Agent 73 Chesty plays Jane, a.k.a. Double Agent 73, a secret agent who gets a camera surgically implanted into her left breast and is sent to track down the king pin of a heroin ring.

This time her breasts are even deadlier; she douses them in ether to make people pass out and she can also swing them in slow motion at men's heads and knock them to the floor! No 'death by boob-smothering' this time (unfortunately!) but one death is a cool 'death by ice cube'. Other highlights include great music, a ridiculously sped up car chase, and Chesty's outfits are even more outrageous than they were in Deadly Weapons.

Almost all the dialogue spoken in both Chesty Morgan films has been dubbed in afterwards, alienating us from relating to the characters and giving the films a surreal effect, like grown-ups playing make-believe. A bedroom becomes a hospital room simply because there is a nurse in a white outfit and a bed. A lounge room becomes a bar because a wooden bar has been placed against a wall and there is a man in a suit behind it serving drinks.

Doris Wishman obviously has a shoe obsession. Numerous scenes follow Chesty's feet adoringly and linger on her outrageous platform shoes. Feet of characters seem to be an important component of the stories. We see feet as people chat; ponder; walk across shag pile-carpet, open doors or flee from murder. It is no wonder that Director John Waters, another connoisseur of film related shoe-fetishism, used a scene of Chesty (along with other numerous shoe obsessed jokes) in his classic Serial Mom.

Every aspect of these films is terrible and inept. The acting is poor (Chesty often looks bored and straight at the camera) and the lighting is harsh, with many scenes having two distinct shadows or even the shadow of the cameraperson. The camera work is often shaky and some scenes are entirely out of focus. But the early 1970' music, fashions worn and the gaudy wallpaper - WOW!! Watching this combined with the bizarre sight of Chesty in her ill-fitting outfits was like a gruesome car-crash that I could not take my eyes away from. I loved them!
Every scratch and speckle, out of focus scene and poorly glued together film splice is here in its wonderful glory. A crisp copy of possibly poor film source material.
By the 'look' of this film it would seem that the original source material these people probably had to begin with would have been a challenge to fix up. A great job has been done correcting unruly magnetic audio noise, glitches and inconsistencies.
Extra Features
On the Deadly Weapons DVD we get: Double Agent 73 and Deadly Weapons Theatrical Trailers, The Doris Wishman Gallery of Exploitation Art which features a plethora of stills of numerous advertising posters from Doris Wishman's long career in the nudie-flick genre., and Breast Development Fifties Style, a fascinating 1950's black and white 'educational' film explaining methods of increasing bust size while we watch numerous women fondling their breasts. Methods spoken about are oestrogen cream and its dangers and a hand held vacuum pump.

The Double Agent 73 DVD comes with Double Agent 73 and Deadly Weapons Theatrical Trailers and The Doris Wishman Gallery of Exploitation Art once again as well as The Big, Big Bust (1962) - Two fascinating short black and white films featuring burlesque dancers. The first shows the theatrical debut of "Lana Wong – the Chinese Jane Russell". The second shows Tempest Storm and "The Plaster Casting of her 48" attributes for Eternity. Tempest gets a plaster casting made of her breasts while a packed room of male photographers in suits snap away like crazy. Complete with harsh film edits that shorten words and sentences.
The Verdict
Chesty's Enormous Hits is a fascinating and bizarre slice of soft-core exploitation cinema. Admittedly the two films have zero production values but this is what makes them the cult classics they already are, much like Herschell Gordon Lewis films minus the gore and with extra big boobies instead (although Lewis at least recorded live sound). This 'titty flick' compilation will not disappoint the niche market it was intended for with its obscure, breast-obsessed content. It is also an interesting glimpse for those not too familiar with the genre.
Movie Score
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