Devon's Ghost: Legend of the Bloody Boy (2005)
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MTI Home Video (USA). All Regions, NTSC. 4:3. English DD 2.0 Spanish Subtitles. 86 minutes
The Movie
Director: Johnny Yong Bosch, Koichi Sakamoto Starring: Karan Ashley, Johnny Yong Bosch, Joel Greco, Matt Moore, Jonathan Cruz
Screenplay: Karan Ashley, Ron Day, Tim Grace
Music: Cody Westheimer
Tagline: Only his victims know why...
Country: USA
Devon's Ghost: Legend of the Bloody Boy stars Karan Ashley (you know, the Yellow Ranger from Mighty Morphin'), but proving to be a true renaissance woman, she also co-wrote, produced, and co-edited the film. But the Power Rangers are a team, and not to be split up Johnny Yong Bosh, the Black Ranger, is also on hand serving as co-director and co-editor. Not enough of the team? Also working as co-director is a man heavily involved behind the scenes of the Power Rangers, Koichi Sakamoto. I know, I know, a movie written, directed, produced, and edited by, as well as starring, the Power Rangers seems like some wonderful dream, but it is very, very real.

Speaking of dreams, this movie is so absurd, I often thought we were off on a dream sequence, but no, we weren't. This is all "really" happening. 10 years ago, a young, abused, boy named Devon disappeared and his parents were brutally beaten to death. Devon is also believed to be dead, but rumour has it he can sometimes be seen, covered in the blood, an ethereal presence. But Devon wasn't killed, he was taken away and confined. Evidently tired of being locked away, Devon fashions himself a bat with a bandsaw blade in it, and knocks out his captor. Free, Devon begins venting his anger on seemingly random people.

A school has also just been refurbished and opened as a high school, which is where we find our heroes. Our heroine saw Devon years ago after the murders, and has been troubled by it ever since. She's having slight problems adjusting to the fact that her new school has opened across the street from Devon's old house, and when she starts seeing Devon again, her friends are reluctant to believe that he's back.

Not since The Devonsville Terror has a movie been this good. The characters have weird names (except Devon, obviously), which just further enhances the idea that Devon's Ghost is taking place in Bizarro World. A place where a girl gets sent to the principal for having a nightmare. A place where someone will deliberately leave on a disturbing TV broadcast, but then apologise that it was on. A place where the words "best friend" must have some other meaning than here on planet Earth. A place where people seem to go to high school until the age of 35. In fact, once you start asking why in terms of this movie's plot, you'll never really get a chance to stop. The only other movie I can think of with so many story and logic flaws per scene is The Lost World, but at least that had big dinosaurs eating things.

The acting levels vary, but the killer's actually better than expected, bringing a good frenetic energy to the part. He also had very few lines, which may have helped. The film is populated with non-jokes, but, then again, maybe they'd be funny in Bizarro World. The budget doesn't seem to have been high enough for blood (despite getting a US R rating for "bloody violence through out"), which is a bit of a downside for a slasher, as is the careless lack of nudity. The Power Rangers connection does pay off in the form of some relatively good fight scenes. The fights are ludicrous in terms of the story, but as action set pieces, they're not too bad.

Yes, it's bad, but I absolutely loved it, and not just because the cast kept saying my name over and over. No, this is one of the funniest so-bad-it's-goods I've seen in ages. I thought maybe I was being overly generous to the movie, but my wife, not a fan of most of my cinematic choices, also found Devon's Ghost amusing.
Devon's Ghost is presented at 1.33:1. The film has dirt, grain, spots, and glitches. The picture is a bit soft at times, and clarity can be lost in the blacks.
The audio is a two-channel mix. It's okay, but does have some light distortion, bad ADR, some background clutter, and some overly loud sound FX. The score is also terrible, made up of knock off bands, and can be incongruous with what's happening in the film. The sound on the commentary track is too loud and tinny.
Extra Features
The DVD includes the trailer, as well as those for Ice Queen and the egregious 13th Child. Also available are some not so good outtakes, stills, a commentary, and a behind the scenes. The behind the scenes only runs five minutes, and fortunately covers the fights, because otherwise it's fucking boring, with the score drowning out the narration at times. The commentary is a puzzle as to who's actually participating, since they don't clearly identify themselves, but I think it's the three writer/producers. Ashley is definitely on hand, laughing at her own jokes. The track is particularly annoying, with the participants thinking they're funny, and getting overly excited. Both a positive and a negative as it reveals they are, in fact, idiots, so at least they weren't tyring for so-bad-it's good, but they're still idiots.
The Verdict
Maybe our Ranger writers got kicked in the head a few too many times on set, because this is one wacky script. The film is to be recommended simply for having the best line in any movie ever: "If Devon did live through his murder, and after killing his parents, why hasn't he been killing all this time?" That line's brilliant! It's so good, it only needed the first third to be the best bit of dialogue ever written. The DVD isn't of the highest quality, but I'm sure the source elements weren't either. It's too bad the disc presentation wasn't better, 'cause I would've loved to give this a perfect score.
Movie Score
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