Embrace of the Vampire (1994)
By: Devon B. on October 16, 2006  |  Comments  |  Bookmark and Share
Medusa Pictures (UK). Region 2, PAL. 4:3. English DD 2.0. 88 minutes
The Movie
Director: Anne Goursaud
Starring: Alyssa Milano, Martin Kemp, Charlotte Lewis, Rachel True, Jennifer Tilly
Screenplay: Rick Bitzelberger, Nicole Coady, Halle Eaton
Music: Joseph Williams
Tagline: The innocence is over.
Country: USA
AKA: The Nosferatu Diaries: Embrace of the Vampire
Just shy of four minutes (don't forget that includes the intro credits) into Embrace of the Vampire, three topless vamps assault Martin Kemp and turn him into one of the undead. This makes poor Martin sad because it separates him from his girlfriend. He refers to his girlfriend as his "virgin," despite the fact it appears he had sex with her moments before the vamps attack him.

Flash forward a couple hundred years or so (centuries that Kemp has spent tyring to figure out how the three vamps managed to get silicone implants in the time of nobles and peasants, no doubt), and Kemp has found a reincarnate of his "virgin," Alyssa Milano. He must get her to love him within three days or he dusts to dusts it, but instead of telling her just how much he knows is true, he whines and pontificates over her. Within 10 minutes you'll be wishing for a modern Van Helsing to show up and put a stop to the vampire monologues. Anyway, Kemp begins to affect a change on his reincarnated love, who is innocent and pure in this lifetime, too.

The very lame, clichéd script focuses on college life and sex, and isn't really brought vibrancy by the drab performances or silly scenes with vampires trying real hard to look like they can bite people through nets. It's a very blah blah blah vampire movie that parades around 2-D characters with vague and possibly incongruent motivations. For example, if Kemp wants this pure girl, why does he turn her into a mean snot? Jennifer Tilly also pops in to ham up the screen, so if you're some sorry Jennifer Tilly completist…you've probably already seen this.

Of course, this movie could be about a vampire who has narcolepsy that gets trigged whenever he sees moonlight and the film still would've earned some notoriety for being the first flick to feature Alyssa Milano nude. She doesn't waste any time, getting into the buff by her second scene. She's repeatedly nude, with great care taken to work in scenes where she can undress, including a completely unexplained boudoir photo shoot where this "repressed" girl needs very little coaxing to get nekkid. Four stars!

Director Anne Goursaud also got Milano to bare all in the straight to video thriller Poison Ivy II, and in a just world, that would qualify her for some sort of lifetime achievement award.
Embrace of the Vampire is presented at 1.33:1. The film has grain and the occasional speck, but the picture is pretty clean, and the image relatively sharp. However, the print is a bit dark, and the blacks can halo. This results in a loss of clarity, and also makes people's eyes look very odd at times.
The film comes with a generic two-channel mix, where everything is mixed appropriately. Nothing awful, but nothing stellar, either.
Extra Features
The DVD includes the trailer, plus trailers for Blue Tiger; American Yakuza; When the Bough Breaks; Terminal Force; Free Fall; and everyone's favourite Mario Van Peebles werewolf cop movie, Full Eclipse.
The Verdict
The R1 contains both the uncut and R rated versions of Embrace of the Vampire, in letterbox or full frame format and has a 5.1 audio mix. For fans, this may be the way to go to own the film, but this release will certainly give you a look at the movie's main assets.
Movie Score
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