Blue Vengeance (1992)
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Dragon Film Entertainment (Germany). Region 2 PAL. 4:3. English DD 2.0, German DD 2.0. Dutch, German Subtitles. 99 minutes
The Movie
Director: J. Christian Ingvordsen, Danny Kuchuck Starring: Nick Gomez, J. Christian Ingvordsen, David Henry Keller, Danny Kuchuck, Jake LaMotta
Screenplay: J. Christian Ingvordsen, Danny Kuchuck Music: Walter Fritz
Tagline: It isn't over yet. Country: USA
Dragon DVD continue to fill out their product line with strange and obscure genre flicks that probably no-one else will ever touch. Blue Vengeance is no exception to this rule and is yet another ultra-obscure genre movie that Dragon can add to its already fairly impressive roster. Is it any good though? Read on…

The plot tells of an insane serial killer who escapes the mental asylum where he is being incarcerated. Once out, the first thing he does is fake his own death and then sets out on a fresh killing spree. But police officer Mickey McCardle, the officer responsible for the original capture of this lunatic, is convinced that he is not dead and sets out to find him, enlisting the help of young female street punk along the way.

The story is pretty formulaic with Mickey being suspended and finding himself unable to convince anyone of what he knows to be true and hence becomes a maverick, striking out on his own to bring the killer to justice. The usual clichés that I'm sure most movie fans are familiar with.

This film doesn't really offer anything new to the viewer and pretty much re-treads old ground. The film is actually quite dull and never manages to pull the viewer in. The acting is wooden; the not-so-special-effects fail to impress; and the inane dialogue bores. J. Christian Ingvordsen (who also directs) fails to convince as Mickey McCardle and is terribly miscast here. The direction, also by Ingvordsen along with Danny Kuchuck, is uninspired and inept at the best of times. Sure, there's plenty of gore and viscera on display, but that's hardly a reason to subject yourself to this.

Another annoying aspect of the film was the killer's insane fantasy that he is some kind of medieval warrior battling rubber beasties; cue endless shots of the madman in warrior garb leaping off ledges to do battle with laughable rubbery entities. The nutter also has an irritating habit of attempting to sing Heavy Metal song lyrics to his victims before dispatching them in some gruesome (if unconvincing) fashion. The reason for this is never made absolutely clear, but we assume it's because his intended victims were former Heavy Metal rock stars who he sees as betraying the cause of Metal fandom. A curious logic indeed.

To summarise: A complete waste of time and money in my opinion – avoid!
The film starts well enough, even though the image is hardly spectacular - but it is clean and free from any obvious print damage. No complaints really, to begin with….but this soon changes. About 46 minutes into the film the picture starts to jitter, looking a bit like when the tracking is out on a video. This is quite annoying, because although not constant, it is incessantly intermittent. The picture does manage to stabilise towards the end of the film, but that's a small consolation.

There are further problems, but this will be dealt with below in the audio section. Overall this is a lousy job from Dragon on this transfer unfortunately.
The sound for the most part on the English track is average at best. The dialogue is clear and audible though and the music comes across with fair fidelity. Unfortunately though, at about 1 hour 06 minutes into the film the audio goes waaaaaay out of synch with the picture. This is extremely annoying and causes untold distraction unfortunately. A terrible job by Dragon on this, sadly. The other curious thing is that the German audio on the main feature is voiced straight over the English track which means that the English audio track can still clearly be heard. It would be curious to know how the German speaking audience got on with this; it almost certainly would have driven them to distraction!
Extra Features
Save for a few text pages of filmographies of cast and crew this disc is absent of any notable extras. Though one wonders if anyone would really want to know more about this abysmal film….
The Verdict
It's great to see Dragon unearthing these kinds of obscurities and releasing them onto DVD and they are to be commended for that. Unfortunately this turkey is a bit of a non-starter and coupled with the bad transfer renders this film virtually unwatchable. Personally, I believe that this is one film that didn't really deserve to 'rediscovered' (though I'm sure some would argue otherwise). In my opinion it is utterly without any redeeming features (unless jousting on a bicycle is your thing) and Dragon would have been well advised to seek out a better film for DVD release, not to mention providing a better quality transfer without jittering or audio synch problems. Sadly Dragon will score no points among fans for this shoddy release. A real shame.
Movie Score
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