Zombie Doom (1999)
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Shock-O-Rama (USA). All Regions, NTSC. 2.15:1 (Non-anamorphic). English DD 2.0. 78 minutes
The Movie
Director: Andreas Schnaas
Starring: Andreas Schnaas, Marc Trinkhaus, Uwe Grüntjes, Joe Neumann, Xiu-Yong Lin, Winni Holl
Screenplay: Andreas Schnaas
Country: Germany
AKA: Violent Shit III: Infantry of Doom

Anybody familiar with the work of Andreas Schnass will know what they're heading into here, another widescreen (approximately 2.15:1) yet somehow shot on video gore flick.

Zombie Doom is really Violent Shit III. Yes, there were two instalments before this one. Karl the Butcher is back, but the star of this film, as with the prequel, is Karl Jr. Little Karl's now the leader of a militia of chintzy mask wearers, and he's decided to cover up one of his eyes with some bad latex or something. Maybe his dad did this after coming home in Violent Shit II? Anyway, some guys land on the Karls' island, and end up in a Most Dangerous Game situation. Meanwhile, Karl Jr. has a Hitler knockoff working on a race of übermensch, but Psuedo-Adolf seems only capable of creating He-Man like characters that move around in jerky stop motion. The plot is nonsense, the character actions nonsensical.

Production values are very home-grown. Karl Jr.'s army has really thin weapons, use rubbish bin lids as shields, and wear even cheaper versions of his mask. Some of the scenes are shot like war footage, and surprisingly there are a FEW well-staged shots. Unfortunately, Schnass' appreciation for martial arts films turns up again, and he pays homage in an appalling ninjitsu sequence packed with lame fighting. There's nothing on a Sonny Chiba movie here; not even the inclusion of a flying guillotine can save this climactic battle. Of course, maybe if the flying guillotine had been used with anything resembling clever filming, it might've been better. Schnass should really stick to horror until he can at least rival kung fu films from the 50s. Another possible nod to kung fu films is the presence of a henchman that appears to have been modelled as a cross between Jason Vorhees and Shih Kien from Enter the Dragon.

But no one will give two fucks about any of that, anyway. This movie exists for one thing and one thing only: Gore. Violent Zombie Shit Doom is loaded with the red stuff. Some of it is quite imaginative, if not even remotely realistic, and I have enjoyed the nasty tongue in cheek feel of the latter Shit films. Some of the FX are good, much improved on Schnass' earlier work. Most of the FX are passable for the two Deutschmark budget, but there are a few that are very poor. Violent Zombie Shit Doom is a zealous stab at a splatfest sans budget, so I find it hard to not appreciate it as an achievement on some level.
Violent Zombie Shit Doom is presented widescreen for reasons only known to Schnass. The film has heavy video grain, pixelation, and looks quite murky.
Judging from the sound FX and the score, the original German audio track is probably okay, but the two-channel English dub track present here is egregious. If two Deutschmarks went into the film, half that went into the English dub. The sound is incredibly bad, filled with echoes, and seems like one guy talking over the background soundtrack. It's almost surreal how the backing audio doesn't match the echo from the dubbing room. Even if Shock-O-Rama weren't going to subtitle the movie, it would've been nice to have the original German audio. The plot (or what's masquerading as one) isn't that hard to follow, and then I would have had a choice, and enjoyed the movie MUCH more. It's nice that two films are included, but I would've preferred just one with a German audio and subs. I would say this is the second worst dub job ever except…

The bonus film, Zombie '90: Extreme Pestilence has one that's EVEN WORSE. The dubbers have gone for more distinct voices than the mono-timbre sound of Violent Zombie Shit Doom, so everybody sounds silly. The audio has jumpy edits as the dub track cuts in, the background noise is sometimes lost altogether, and the dubbers even left in flubs! The dubbers also added a bunch of BAD jokes when they evidently felt the film was too quiet. One guy now thinks a huge bunch of fog came from his girlfriend's fart…okay, maybe that joke was originally in the film, but there is a lot of new gibberish. One doctor is dubbed like a black stereotype and says "damn" every few seconds. Even more bizarre is that he now walks around with a tendency to EXPLAIN the scenes he's in. The biggest insult comes when, after having a dream sequence with a shitload of new speeches about how it must all be a dream, the doctor screams "Zombie cam!" when the camera "attacks" him. Either the original actor was a ventriloquist, or this film has had some major tampering. There is once again no German option, leaving me to suffer through the second worst dub of all time. The honour of first place goes to the English dub of Revenge of the Living Dead that was circulating on the bootleg circuit a few years back, which MUST have been dubbed by one guy and his significant other.
Extra Features
The main extra is obviously Zombie '90. The movie is also pretty silly and heavily padded. Some of the more interesting points include: A zombie that lays patiently while being eviscerated, and doesn't sit up until the Damn Doctor arrives with the gun. The two guys who walk WAAAAAAY out of a building before discussing the zombie plague. The Damn Doctor just wandering around the woods with his gun drawn threatening people (good thing they were all zombies). The odd zombies with their faces smeared in something that resembles doo doo. The Damn Doctor sliding down a little hill, knocking himself out (!!!), then dreaming he's taking a crap.

Again, the gore is the draw here, but it's not much of a draw this time. The movie is ALMOST as bad as Violent Shit. More extremely fake body parts are cut up and off by these weapon wielding zombies, and more red paint sprays and sprays. The worst effect is the baby dismemberment. No real effort is made to disguise the fact that there was never a real baby, only an infant doll. It's ripped apart with great vigour, but it's just funny. The gore is shoddy for the most part, but there is one kind of cool decap involving the smashing of a car window.

Zombie '90 made me want to watch a Percles Lewnes movie instead. The only thing scary about this film was the threat of a sequel.

The DVD also features eight trailers for very nude, very lesbian driven sex parodies of Hollywood blockbusters; nine Shock-o-Rama trailers; seven Retro Seduction trailers; an offer for Alternative Cinema Magazine; and a web address.
The Verdict
The DVD's cheap. There're two movies that were very rare in the states…but the dubbing…the dubbing…THE DUBBING!! The whole Violent Shit trilogy is supposed to be getting a more deluxe treatment, so just hold out for that.
Movie Score
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