Dream Reaper (2006)
By: Devon B. on August 7, 2006  |  Comments  |  Bookmark and Share
Hack Movies (USA). All Regions, NTSC. 4:3. English DD 2.0. 75 minutes
The Movie
Director: Kevin Strange
Starring: Kevin Strange, Joshitsuo Montoya, Chadwick Cockstriker, Cris Deveroux, John The Band Guy, Matt Ringering, Dr. Lippy Longstocking
Screenplay: Kevin Strange
Tagline: He'll turn your wet dreams into bloody nightmares!
Country: USA
Dream Reaper (the movie) is a no budget rocker horror comedy from Hack Movies…wait, where are you going? Hold on, hold on, it's not as bad as it sounds.

A group of teens (???) are in the "most Metal Metal band of 2005," Dream Reaper (the band). The lead singer wants to continue down the Metal pathways and sing songs about sea monsters (a man after my own heart), but the bassist wants to explore some new ideas musically. The singer leaves the band practice in a huff, falls asleep, and wakes up with some guy in a cheap cloak, a cheap mesh mask, and a REALLY cheap red hood in the room with him. The film actually mentions how bad this get up is, which is good because it's like a terrible Urban Legend knock off.

Anyway, it turns out the guy in the funny hood is the Dream Reaper (the bad guy). He orders Dream Reaper (the band) be disbanded. From that point forward, most members of the band who masturbate fall asleep shortly afterwards and are killed by the Dream Reaper (the bad guy). If you ever thought a cheap plastic scythe wasn't dangerous, Dream Reaper (the movie) exists to prove you wrong!

Obviously, this film owes a bit to one Frederick Krueger, and perhaps also J.R. Bookwalter's TERRIBLE The Sandman, but Dream Reaper (the movie) also brings a Kevin Smith feel to the proceedings, particularly in a cum gag that heavily echoes Mallrats. Dream Reaper (the movie) doesn't try to hide its lack of budget; it embraces it, turning it into further joke material. Melon "head" crushing is taken to extremes, and there's no attempt made to cover up the fact that one character's intestines are made of balloons. The fights are truly something to behold. The first battle is the best ninja fight this side of Shogun, and the second is so good you'd think it was being put on by Star Wars nerds while in a queue for a festival screening.

The film would've greatly benefited from tighter editing, particularly in the running masturbation gags. The acting mostly suits the project, and I must admit I often found the cheesy performance from the lead funny. Lines are flubbed and the cast look into the camera, but given how unpretentious Dream Reaper (the movie) is, it's hard to get annoyed.

The one thing I couldn't forgive was the abundance of gay jokes. I know this is a very accurate portrayal of the Metal scene, but, aside from the RARE exception, these jokes are no cleverer in Dream Reaper (the movie) than they were the first 100 times you heard them from your Metalhead friends.
The film was shot on video, obviously, but I wouldn't even say it looks like high-end video. Expect lots of video grain.
The audio track is a two-channel mix. It's a bit loud, and there can be discrepancy between cuts within a scene. Apart from the outside scenes racked by wind, I was surprised the mix was as good as it was.
Extra Features
The DVD includes a short intro, an even shorter FX tutorial on how to squirt blood, 18 minutes of bloopers to prove not all the mistakes made it in final film, and a commentary. I didn't mind the bloopers for the first half, I guess 'cause it all seemed like goofing off with a bunch of people you could find yourself hanging out with, but after minute nine, I got bored. The commentary is not anywhere near as rowdy as I expected. There're a few more gay jokes, and a few amusing quips, but for the most part, I found it unengaging.
The Verdict
Dream Reaper (the movie) does have some really funny moments and lines. I won't say Hack Movies are unsung underground heroes, but they're clearly having fun at what they do, and that cheesy fun can be infectious. However, if production values matter even the eansiest bit to you, avoid.
Movie Score
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