Crimson Nights (1999)
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ei Independant (USA). All Regions, NTSC. 4:3. English DD 2.0. 76 minutes
The Movie
Director: Jeffrey Arsenault
Starring: Tina Krause, Andrea Biro, Alice Liu
Screenplay: Lori Jannel
Country: USA
Crimson Nights opens with nudity, which is always a good thing. And if nudity is all you're after, Crimson Nights delivers.

A man's partner has gone missing, but hasn't been gone long enough for police action. He sits around waiting, unable to do anything, and the film REALLY captures the drag of time one feels in those situations. That's not a good thing. She finally shows up, encourages sex, and then demonstrates she's a fan of George Romero's Martin. The guy bleeds to death from the small scratch she gives him. You wouldn't think a little nick would be fatal, but everyone in Crimson Nights appears to only have about a half pint of blood in total, so these little cuts are always deadly in the movie. Resurrected as a vampire, the guy goes after an ex in similar fashion. She then goes after a dancer, and the dancer then goes after…well, you get the idea.

Crimson Nights' story moves along slower than a sloth with three broken legs, and when that's not slow enough, the filmmakers decided slow motion would be a good idea for many of the naked bits. Which is most of the movie. The film has continuity problems and is heavily padded, with many pointless moments. Who wants to watch a woman fiddling with her hair for no reason? Even with all the padding, Crimson Nights still has a meagre run time.

The main draw is the nudity, and I have to admit in this respect alone, Crimson Nights delivers. This is much more a series of softcore vignettes than a horror movie. Unfortunately, each scene is a repeat of the one before with little variation. It's the Groundhog Day of the horror genre! There's very little male nudity, but most of the female cast get naked, and there are three (!) separate shower scenes. Unfortunately, the last features the least attractive woman of the film, so maybe that one should've come first. Anyway, the first shower scene runs nearly six minutes. As a fan of gratuitous shower scenes, I still have got to say this is a bit much, even though the actress is very attractive.
Crimson Nights was shot on video, and is presented at 1.33:1. There's video grain and a few glitches, and sometimes the image has pixilation.
The audio is a two-channel mix which leaves a lot to be desired. The volume levels fluctuate at times, and the track features a lot of distortion. Dialogue can be hard to decipher and the sound echoes at times.
Extra Features
There're the standard gallery of Seduction Cinema trailers, as well as a 22-minute William Hellfire featurette called Peeping in a Girl's Dormitory. This stars Seduction's hugely over exposed actress, Misty Mundae, and Ruby LaRocca, here billed as Esmerelda Dellarocco. The short is VERY amateur, and is about two university girls moving into a new place after their last one burned down. The person in charge of the property forbids any kind of naughty stuff, including acts of homosexuality. When she catches the pair going at it, she humiliates them while getting aroused herself. The end.
The Verdict
If you've got a hankering for softcore, slow mo, vampire porn, Crimson Nights is for you! The disc is shithouse, and I didn't really like the movie. However, clearly its raison d'être was nudity, and that it does provide. And then some.
Movie Score
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